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Mother-Son Death at Petco Park Ruled Murder-Suicide

On September 25, 2021, Raquel Wilkins and her infant son, Denzel Browning-Wilkins, fell several stories to their deaths at Petco Park during an afternoon matchup between the Padres and Atlanta Braves. What was initially ruled an accidental fall now has investigators backtracking on that statement and claiming it was, in fact, a murder-suicide.

A Tragic Ending

While it"s still unclear what led her to initiate this horrific motion, it all started out just like another day at the ballpark. Wilkins was seen eating with her infant son in Petco Park"s dining and concessions area on the third level shortly before the deadly tumble. A witness relayed the fact that she was seen jumping up and down on the bench of the table on two separate occasions while holding her son. The unnamed witness also said that she “seemed happy — laughing" as well as how she managed to fall off the bench and land on the picnic table itself.

This, unfortunately, didn"t deter her because she fell and then proceeded to get up on the table and bounce again close to the rail which, at this point in time, saw her go over. It was reported that Wilkin"s fiance was seen next to the railing, in shock, as he watched both of their bodies hit the ground below. Even with more knowns coming to light, waters are still very murky as to what could have potentially caused her to make such a drastic and sudden decision. No further comment was provided by the San Diego Police Department at this time.

Next Steps

This new evidence has caused Wilkins" parents to file a wrongful death suit against the city as well as Petco Park and they also plan to file a tort against the city sometime this week. Lawyers for the family “expressed disappointment" with how the police approached this conclusion as well as their reluctance to come forward with this new information. For weeks after the tragedy, the police department spoke of how their tip line was bombarded with information from other spectators regarding the situation. San Diego PD did express their thanks towards all those who came forward with the information to help move the investigation further especially given it happened in such a large public venue.

The Padres also reached out to express their condolences for the utter and surprising loss of both lives that day. "We want to reiterate our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of those involved in this tragedy," a spokesperson for the Major League franchise said in a statement sent to Oxygen.com. It remains to be seen how this ongoing lawsuit will be settled but regardless, no one should feel the need to initiate an action like that.

If you or a loved one you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts or actions, please make a call to 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to acquire the necessary help. You have worth, you are loved, and you will always have support by your side!

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