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Alexa Grasso and Her Prospects at Flyweight

There has been a lack of dialogue in terms of Alexa Grasso (13-3) and her move to Flyweight. It’s understandable considering the dominance of the champion, but there is definitely something brewing in Women’s Flyweight and it’s worth keeping an eye on. 

I was hyped up for Alexa Grasso vs Viviane Araujo, considering Araujo’s (10-3) number six spot and knowing Grasso is from Jalisco (my father’s home state).

I am interested to see what Grasso can do. There is a lot of room to grow for Alexa at only twenty-eight years of age and looking good in her last fight against Maycee Barber (9-2). It may not have been the most exciting bout, but Grasso showed a clear edge in skill and hustle in the fight. 

Alexa Grasso

I was expecting Grasso to draw into Andrea Lee (13-5) or maybe a fight with rising contender Casey O’Neill (8-0).

Araujo was going to be a step up in competition for Grasso. It’s a good match-up for Araujo with her raw power playing the biggest factor. With that fight no longer happening, it seems like a fight with Joanne Wood (15-7) is now happening in March.

 There has been a little bit of bad luck with Grasso as of late. This will make it a year since her last fight. She had to pull out of a previously scheduled bout with Wood mid-last year and now dealt with Araujo pulling out of this fight.

Here’s hoping Grasso will have a more active 2022 and make sure to keep an eye out for Women’s Flyweight. With Miesha Tate moving down who knows how that division will look a year from now.

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