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There have been many memorable players on the Los Angeles Angels over the years, including Nolan Ryan and Vladimir Guerrero. However, Mike Trout has been one of the best players on the Los Angeles Angels for the past decade. He has led his team in the locker room as one of the captains while also leading in multiple statistical categories. Since coming into the league, he has been one of the world’s favorite players, especially for Angels fans.

Trout This Past Decade

In the 2009 MLB Draft, Trout was drafted 25th by the Angels out of Millville Senior high school. Some of the outfielders taken before Trout include Randal Grichuk, Jared Mitchell, A.J. Pollock, Donavan Tate, and Dustin Ackley. Some of these outfielders were great outfielders that became all-stars, but Trout has been the best of the bunch.

Since the beginning of his career in 2011 Trout has been a force to be reckoned with the Angels. In his first 40 games as an Angel, he had five home runs, 16 runs batted in, with a batting average of .220. In his next season, he played 139 games and had 30 home runs, 83 runs batted in, and batted .326. In his 2012 campaign, the nation saw who the best player in MLB takes off. He also led the league in steals in his first full season with 49.

The season that baseball knew a star was born was 2014, when Trout had one of his best statistical seasons. He had 36 home runs, 111 runs batted in, and a .287 batting average. He also won his first American League MVP award, along with the Hank Aaron Award and a Silver Slugger Award. All these accolades go to show why Trout has been a fan favorite because of how he has carried the Angels over the year. He also led the team to a playoff appearance.

How Did 2021 Go?

Statistically, Trout had one of his worst years as an Angel. He only managed to play 36 games due to the immense amount of time he spent on the injured list. He suffered a calf strain on May 17th and decided to end the season early to get in a better mental state for the 2022 season.

This past season he had eight home runs, 18 runs batted in, and batted .333. Not having him for the majority of the season made an impact on the Angels’ season. His presence at the plate makes pitchers really must figure out how to get him out because of how good of an all-around hitter he is.

Other Fan Favorites

Other players that have star the Angels have had over the years that have been fan favorites have been players like Vladimir Guerrero and Nolan Ryan spending multiple years with the Angels
Guerrero had a terrific 15-year career playing for the Montreal Expos, Los Angeles Angels, Texas Rangers, and the Baltimore Orioles. He spent his best years with the Angels, his best year statistically being in 2007 when he had 27 home runs, 125 runs batted in while batting .324. Guerrero will always be remembered for hitting balls that seemed unhittable. Throughout his career, he always had an outstanding batting average. He has won multiple awards including an MVP award in 2004, being inducted in the Angels Hall of fame in 2017, then the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018.

Nolan Ryan was also a prominent player for the Angels. He was a star all over the league and in his illustrious 25-year career he played for four teams including the Mets, Angels, Astros, and Rangers. He spent eight seasons with the Angles and had some great seasons with the club. While with the Angel he had an earned run average a little above three. His best season was when he first got to the Angels posting a 2.28 earned run average, with 19 wins, and 329 strikeouts which led the league.

Both players were legends in the MLB but what makes Mike Trout Angel’s fan-favorite is that he has been with the Angels his whole career. Both Ryan and Guerrero did not come up through the system and were acquired. In addition, when we think of both players it is common to think of them with these other teams. For example, Nolan Ryan is mostly remembered for what he did later in his career with the Astros when he had insane statistics. Or he is remembered for his time as a Met for all the accomplishments he had at such young age.

What makes Trout a fan favorite is that he has been the best player the Angels have brought up through their system in a long time and it looks like he is not going anywhere any time soon.

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