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Potential Moves For the Golden State Warriors at the Deadline

The NBA trade deadline is coming up in exactly two weeks, on Thursday February 10. For many teams around the league rumors are flying left and right during this time of the season; Agents leak stuff, front office workers leak stuff – there’s tons of smoke and it’s hard for fans to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Luckily for Warriors players and fans, there’s no roster uncertainty. There’s questions about when James Wiseman and Draymond Green will be back on the floor, but with the Warriors near the top of the western conference, they’re likely not craving to make any significant moves.

With that being said, ears always need to be open to improving the roster. While I don’t expect Golden State to be very active making any trade calls, there’s no reason for Bob Meyers not to answer the phone when other teams come ringing.

Who Could Come Calling?

There’s a handful of teams that stick out that I expect to try and be active as the trade deadline nears with each passing day.

Sacramento Kings

As a Kings fan this one certainly hurts to write, but I am in no way shocked at how this season has played out for them. General Manager, Monte McNair, is long overdue to make a splash move and while being a life-long Kings fan has forced me to develop a “hope for the best, expect the worst” attitude, I’m choosing focus on the former come February 10, as I don’t see how McNair continues to sit on this mess of a group.

There’s really only a few guys on the Kings roster that would make sense for the Warriors to be interested in, but with James Wiseman’s status still not quite clear and just the overall inexperience of the young big man, Richuan Holmes could be a player that peaks Golden State’s interest.

It’s a little tough to picture what a deal for Holmes would look like but it would almost have to include second year center, James Wiseman. Holmes would offer the Warriors a reliable finisher inside and a rim protector that can also switch out onto just about anybody and hold his own.

Holmes has more skills than you think and although Wiseman’s “potential” is much higher than a Richuan Holmes, Golden State has an opportunity to win another title and getting a piece to win now may be more important to them than what they look like a few years down the road. I don’t expect Golden State to go this route, but it could be something to consider.

Indiana Pacers

The Pacers are one of the more befuddling teams around the association as they seem to have enough talent to be a playoff team yet are headed in the opposite direction.

Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner are both said to be available and I think both guys are names Golden State should be interested in, but with Turner recently sidelined with a stress fracture in his foot, I’m not sure he gets a whole lot of interest from anyone.

What would a deal for Sabonis possibly look like? Most any deal for any player not on a minimum deal is going to have to include Wiseman and/or Moses Moody. I’m not sure what exactly Indiana is looking for in a Sabonis trade, but Wiseman, Moody, and a couple first round picks could get Indiana interested, although I’m still not sure that would be enough.

Regardless, the thought of Sabonis in the Warriors offense and having Draymond as his front court mate has me salivating.

Houston Rockets

I haven’t seen a whole lot of rumors involving the Rockets but the one name that has been involved in trade rumors in Houston is big man Christian Wood.

Coincidentally, Wood’s contract matches up perfectly with that of Wiseman and Moody packaged together, and for a rebuilding team like Houston, I think that could be an enticing offer should the Warriors look to make a move like that. Moody would serve as a 3-and-D prospect for the Rockets to add next to Jalen Green, and Wiseman would give them another possible building block down low.

What Are the Chances of a Deal Going Down?

All things considered, I would be relatively surprised if the Warriors made a trade at the deadline. The Warriors could certainly use another big for depth purposes but I’m just not sure there’s anybody they really want to move.

I’m typically in favor of team’s “going for it” when they have a legitimate shot at winning a title and I do think the Warriors should explore what they can get for a package centered around Wiseman and Moody.

I love both Moody and Wiseman as young players but the Warriors have a window to win at least one more title with this core, and if they can acquire a player that they think puts them over the top for Wiseman and Moody, I think they should pull the trigger. However, for you fans out there, I wouldn’t expect any drastic changes to take place at the deadline.

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