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Top UK Prospects to Watch in 2022

The UK has a large number of rising talent across its professional and amateur ranks. Here’s a look at a few who will be making waves through the scene this year. It wouldn’t be surprising to see these names making jumps to major promotions, as they have the talent to go very far.

Lewis McGrillen

Fighting out of Manchester Top Team, Lewis is one of the numerous rising stars coming out of the gym. After having a successful amateur career going 8-1, Lewis and his team decided it was time to turn professional in 2021. This proved to pay off as Lewis had 3 pro fights and won them all via knockout in the first round. His most recent victory came at Vida Fighting Championship on December 4th in his hometown of Wythenshawe. Many would’ve crumbled under the pressure of main eventing in their hometown in just their 3rd pro fight, but Lewis didn’t. He took his opponent out in the opening 30 seconds, cementing his status as a name to watch in the UK.

Lewis has wasted no time in calling people out. He has called out the likes of Cage Warrior’s Luke Shanks and Sam Creasey. He has also expressed his desire to fight the UFC’s Jake Hadley. The year 2022 looks very exciting for the 21-year-old fighter, and if he carries on taking out his opponents, it won’t be long until a big promotion comes calling.

Kurtis Campbell

Possibly the most exciting amateur fighting out of the UK right now is Kurtis “The Pink Panther” Campbell. Kurtis had a sensational 2021, where he went 4-0. He also captured 3 titles in 3 different weight classes. Kurtis won the UKFC Bantamweight and Featherweight title, as well as the FCC Lightweight strap. Kurtis didn’t have any easy opponents in 2021. When he went against some of the best in the UK, he had 2 TKO finishes and 2 hard-fought decision wins.

Kurtis has not called out anyone yet, but has expressed his desire to fight the best people possible. With win after win and title after title, it shouldn’t be long until he is making his professional debut. Although he had an unblemished 2021, he has said he would like to stay at amateur for the time being as he’d like to gather as much experience as possible before he puts on those 4oz gloves. Whether it is amateur or professional, 2022 looks to be a very exciting year for the young fighter from Liverpool.

Declan Fisher

Declan Fisher, fighting out of Manchester Top Team, made his amateur debut in 2021, going 3-1 against very tough opponents. Declan took home the FCC Featherweight belt last year in just his 3rd fight after a TKO victory over Karl Fletcher. After a great start to his career, Declan went up against Kurtis Campbell for the UKFC Featherweight title. Although he was well prepared, he came up short in the fight. After the loss, Declan has more desire than ever to get back in the win column.

Declan’s first fight of 2022 has been announced as he will be competing on UKFC 18 against Stef Murray on March 12th. If he can come out of the bout with a win he will be back in the mix for a title fight. Win lose or draw, 2022 looks like a very exciting year for the young Manchester-based fighter.

All of these fighters have extremely bright careers ahead of them, and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect to hear their names in a few years’ time.

All 3 fighters have been featured on the Overtime Heroics MMA Youtube channel. You can check out those and many more here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4hfPcyimJV_3-wbi1NGzIw. Be sure to follow our Twitter @OvertimeHeroicsMMA and my page @MasonMMA for all your MMA and combat sports needs!

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