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CFFC 105 Preview: Paul Capaldo vs. Jose Perez

Bellator MMA isn’t the only game in town this Saturday night as far as MMA events go– not by a longshot.

On this Saturday night during a weekend that sees the UFC dark for the first time since the promotion began its 2022 schedule of events earlier this month, a UFC Fight Pass staple goes live for the first time this year, as Atlantic City-based Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) presents CFFC 105.

Featherweight Showdown in CFFC 105 Co-Main Event

Barring any postponements between now and Saturday night, COVID-19 or otherwise, the final version of CFFC 105 will feature a 10-fight card and six professional bouts, including a nontitle showcase at 145 lbs. in the CFFC 105 co-main event.

Undefeated Paul Capaldo (6-0 MMA, 6-0 CFFC) will face Jose Perez (5-1 MMA, 4-1 CFFC) in a three-round fight at five minutes per round from Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena.

CFFC 105 Co-Main Event Fighter Comparison

Heading into the CFFC 105 co-main event on Saturday, Jose Perez is the taller man at 5-foot-10, while Paul Capaldo counters with a 5-foot-7 frame.

Atypical of other fight previews and breakdowns that you’ve seen in the past from Overtime Heroics, no reach information could be found online for this CFFC 105 co-main event.

Paul Capaldo Looks to Factor in CFFC Featherweight Championship Picture After CFFC 105 Co-Main Event

Paul Capaldo enters the CFFC 105 co-main event this Saturday night having yet to lose across all competitions, professional or amateur, making for an 11-0 record all told in his career as an MMA fighter.

Most recently, he scored the third knockout of his professional career, a third-round knockout of Chris Vasil (spinning wheel kick) on April 2 of last year during the co-main event of CFFC 95 from 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

It’s Capaldo’s hope that a fight for the CFFC Featherweight Championship is in his near future, if not “The Call” from UFC President Dana White to the MMA leader.

Two years ago, Capaldo spoke to MyMMANews, where he discussed the importance of having a balanced fight IQ, saying:

“What I feel like the future champions of the UFC are going to be like, everyone is going to fight southpaw, even next year or the year after, people are getting more well-rounded. You have to train mixed martial arts, it’s no longer ‘I’m a wrestler, I’m going to go in there and wrestle you.'”

Before turning to MMA, he was a member of the Middletown North (New Jersey) High School wrestling team, having competed in the New Jersey State Championships almost seven years ago and fought on the amateur boxing scene after leaving the wrestling mat behind.

With a win here in the CFFC 105 co-main event on Saturday night, one would surmise that a fight for the CFFC Featherweight Championship against incumbent titleholder Blake Bilder is in the offing for Paul Capaldo– provided, of course, that the UFC doesn’t come calling. First thing’s first: Capaldo can’t take Jose Perez lightly.

Jose Perez Looks to Knock Paul Capaldo From the Unbeaten Ranks in CFFC 105 Co-Main Event

In the other corner, Jose Perez has gone 4-1 in his last five MMA bouts, most recently bouncing back from a one-punch knockout against DeAndre Anderson in CFFC 99’s main event in August by scoring a unanimous decision the night before Halloween in CFFC 102 against Isa Dalipaj.

Like Capaldo, Perez is looking for a potential title shot against Blake Bilder in his next fight with a win in the CFFC 105 co-main event on Saturday night– and like Capaldo, Perez is also aiming to put himself on the UFC’s radar.

He even said as much during his post-fight interview following his unanimous decision victory against Nick Maupin last year.

“I’m really trying to prove that I’m on another level,” Perez began, “so that means I have to fight those guys that you guys consider to be on another level, and that’s really what I’m trying to do, is get to those people as fast as possible. I beat them.”

A confident statement from Jose Perez, for certain, but can his actions back up his claims in the CFFC 105 co-main event on Saturday night? Tune in and find out.

Analysis, Film Study, and Prediction

Stylistically, the CFFC 105 co-main event looks to favor Paul Capaldo, given his balanced acumen of boxing, wrestling, and MMA, while Jose Perez looks to counter with a grappling background.

Look For Jose Perez to Mix Up His Submission Attempts to Try and Catch Paul Capaldo Off-Guard

One aspect of Jose Perez’s fight IQ that immediately jumps out when looking at the film of his contest versus Nick Maupin from February of last year is his ability to mix up his efforts to try and submit his opponent as a means of exploiting a weakness in their gameplan.

Throughout the fight against Maupin, Perez tried to dump him and advance on those takedowns with punches to try and soften him up for a possible submission attempt, going to top mount and scoring with ground and pound shots, but Nick Maupin would always find a way to get out of the submission hold– to no avail, as Perez would just dump him again– eventually winning the fight by unanimous decision.

All Jose Perez will need to do in order to win the CFFC 105 co-main event on Saturday night is take Paul Capaldo down and try to advance on any possible submission holds as a means of pacifying Paul Capaldo’s offensive gameplan.

Watch For Paul Capaldo’s Vicious Kicks

In the other corner, Paul Capaldo has been able to end his fights with as little as one well-placed kick to send his opponents down and out– something that Chris Vasil can attest to.

During the third and final round of the CFFC 95 co-main event, Capaldo wasted little time ending the fight by connecting, viciously and violently so at that, on a spinning wheel kick to Vasil’s head, knocking Vasil out on contact. Although Capaldo moved in on Vasil to tee off with a brief flurry of ground and pound shots, it proved to be immaterial and he’d walk away victorious.

If Capaldo’s head kicks are on the button, look for the CFFC 105 co-main event to be a short night at the office for him.

Final Thoughts

At the core, the CFFC 105 co-main event is going to be a major stepping stone to the next level of MMA f or its winner.Just one more thing, both Jose Perez and Paul Capaldo are 26 years of age going into this fight and thus, neither man has peaked athletically.

Imagine how explosive both of these men will be in their respective MMA careers once they peak athletically– something that would assuredly be a scary thought.

Prediction: Paul Capaldo by Unanimous Decision.

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