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Alexander Perevalov and Gleb Trikozov Profiles

Alexander Perevalov is a left-wing, right-handed shooting prospect that has flourished both in the Hlinka Gretzky Cup and has a 20 goal and 41 point season in 33 games played. Perevalov is 6 feet tall and 190 pounds. He is a great passer who makes a lot of great decisions and makes great long stretch passes. He also has a really good heavy wrist shot and needs to keep utilizing it more often.

Alexander Perevalov: Smart Passer

Perevalov is going to have to test the waters in the KHL level to see if he can use his skating and use more of his shooting to try and become more of a sniper than just a setup winger. The assets he utilizes in his toolbox are his hockey IQ, his passing, skating, and his size at the MHL level. He’s ahead of his age group and if he’s not in the KHL that often it makes sense to see him become more refined at the VHL level.

If Perevalov improves to becoming more of that improved Russian winger that rips the puck a lot he can be more like a late first playmaker, also he can become more of a true sniper who can get shots off more speedily that can increase the odds of scoring goals at a higher level. He looks more like a 16-32 type overall pick depending on what team is there if they deem he would be worth the potential use of those picks in the 2022 NHL Draft.

Gleb Trikozov: Smooth Skater

Gleb Trikozov is a good puck protector smooth-skating forward who can play center and right-wing. He is very wise about who to pass to and he knows what seems to sneak into. He will shift from the left-wing on a zone entry moving in for an upcoming pass to the slot and rip it on the net. His heads-up hockey mentality will only benefit him to sneak up the KHL prospect ranks having played his time in the MHL now playing several in the VHL a step below the KHL.

In his statistical history with Avangard Omsk developmental programs and minor league systems, he’s a proven shooter. The next step for Trikozov would be can he sustain this level of success at the VHL and above? My belief in what I have seen so far is that he is very determined and very creative forward. Over time Trikozov will become a full-time winger who can play at the next level and find his grooves to success.

One of the other things that stands out about Trikozov’s game is his graceful skating, speed, agility, and well, getting into the dirty ends of the ice on offense. You can’t teach intangibles like an instinct that players do or don’t have in their arsenal. Trikozov has that knack for getting into those places and power forwarding his way of being aggressive in that way.

Trikozov"s shooting is comparable to Ivan Miroshnichenko due to the ability to get pucks off so fast, and he can most certainly shoot from anywhere. He could be the third or fifth best shooter in the 2022 NHL entry draft outside of Finland’s Joakim Kemell, Canada’s Shane Wright, and Matthew Savoie. Any team looking for a dynamic player available on their draft board and willing to be bold if Trikozov is on the board in the top 16.

Trikozov and Perevalov Among Top 4 Russian Prospects

Out of all the Russian first-round projections at this time 1) Miroshnichenko 2) Trikozov 3) Danila Yurov 4) Perevalov, these are all my top 4 projected Russian prospects I have in my ranking based on the film I have seen them perform. Whether or not NHL teams feel the same way about these two Russian prospects is an entirely different matter.

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