Carolina Hurricanes Player of the Month: January 2022

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At the end of a triumphant start of the year for the Carolina Hurricanes, there are many players that deserve recognition, but only one can earn the title of player of the month. This month the decision is a hard one to make, but most fans will agree that this one player, in particular, has had a stellar start to the year, so without further ado here is the Hurricanes player of the month for January.

Andrei Svechnikov

This is not Svechnikov’s first time winning the title of Hurricanes player of the month, and it certainly won’t be the last with the way that he has been playing this season. Just this month he has managed to land 16 points, with two of them being game-winning goals. He spends a lot of time on the ice, which is impressive given that he does not play on the first line very often. Overall Svechnikov has a lot of upsides and really competes well when he is on the ice.

Whether it be defensively or offensively, Svechnikov has had the answer for his team, a big reason why he maintained a +/- of +3 this month, an impressive feat from a winger on the second line. On the power play, he is a huge reason why the Hurricanes manage to find the back of the net so often, getting three points on the power play this month alone. Overall, this player has become a cornerstone of the Hurricanes organization and seems like he is going to keep playing hard for the foreseeable future.

Runners Up

Sebastian Aho

Aho was a close second for the player of the month title, as he put up 11 points on the month, and managed a +/- of two, which places him fairly close to Svechnikov in terms of performance. Aho also managed to put up an OT winner for the Hurricanes against the Vegas Golden Knights, which set him up at two game-winning goals this month. Aho has played well as a catalyst of the team, wearing an ‘A’ on his sweater for the first time this season, and he has really stepped up on the first line to lead his team not only offensively, but defensively as well. Aho has proven himself to be a solid two-way player, as well as a solid leader of men who could easily make a mark as the next captain of the Hurricanes once Jordan Staal retires. His passing game is superb, as can be seen by this stellar setup pass to Seth Jarvis.

Anthony DeAngelo

DeAngelo has been a surprising talent for the Hurricanes this year, which could see him offered a contract extension for next season. This month the controversial defenseman managed to put up 12 points, more than some forwards for the Hurricanes and managed a +/- of +3. While we aren’t ready to name this player as a player of the month just yet if he keeps up these performances he will be certain to win it at some point. The player seems to be more kept in line with the Hurricanes and has really come into his own on the ice, perhaps due to the strong management of head coach Rod Brind’Amour, as he has seemingly learned to keep more of a level head. This has certainly contributed to his performance with the team, and fans can look forward to it hopefully continuing in the future.

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