New Names for a Chicago Team in Dire Need

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The Chicago Blackhawks organization is one that has had a lot of negative PR in the past year. From the coming forward of Kyle Beach, as the horrible actions of the team lead to the covering up of a sexual assault case which caused the player a lot of mental anguish, as well as allowing perpetrators to continue in the league while not having to answer for any of the crimes they committed. As well as the continued use of a name and logo that has been protested continuously, but remains unchanged under the pretense that it is “tradition”.

As society at large are not okay with the continued use of this name and logo, and the team is already seen negatively in the public eye, they may soon finally decide to do something to attempt and right the wrong that has been done by this team for years. The decision could also be driven by the changes being made by teams with similar names in most major sports leagues, even in the WHL with the Portland Winterhawks who have changed their logo to help change the narrative of the team. So what could this Chicago hockey team change their name to?

Chicago Hawks

If the team wanted to maintain some of their brandings, they could simply change their name to the Hawks, as it is already their current nickname, works with their mascot, and can already be seen on some of their merchandise. The big part of this name is that it takes away any argument of altering tradition, as it would keep a fair majority of the teams association, with the biggest thing being changed being their logo. This name would see a logo of a hawk being the most likely replacement, which would see them making a move much like the Winterhawks to something that is far more acceptable and politically correct.

Chicago Soarers

This name would see the team making reference to the number of skyscrapers in the city, as well as the title of the “Windy City,” that Chicago is so well known for. This name would be a complete deviation from the current branding of the team, which would also likely see the need for an entirely new mascot and branding. The new logo could take on the appearance of anything airborne, including a bird, plane, or even a cityscape skyscraper that would be reminiscent of the New York Rangers, Statue of Liberty logo.

Chicago Trams

Chicago is known for a sprawling train system, predominantly featuring the “L” train. As such, the new logo could be based on a train system, which would see them take on logos of a charging train, this would also allow for different branding and even a change in the arena format that would see new chants and forms of fan engagement. This move would still be heavily attached to the cities roots and something that they are well known for, while not allowing for any interpretation that they are still close to the branding of their former name. This name would also likely be accepted by fans as they would feel represented by the new logo and branding as many people in the city and the greater surrounding area rely on this sprawling system to get around.

While the team might not go with any of these options, they are all better than having no change at all. For all fans of the team, or of hockey in general, keep strong in the vocalization of protests of the team’s current imagery and branding, as without that opposition the team will stop feeling the pressure for change, and that pressure is crucial for change to occur.

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