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New York Yankees Should Sign Collin McHugh

Free-agent relief pitcher Collin McHugh had a great season in 2021. The righty has played for the Houston Astros, New York Mets, Tampa Bay Rays, and the Colorado Rockies. Now the New York Yankees should sign him as a free agent, and here is why.

Fielding Independent Pitching

The 34-year old led the Tampa Bay Rays in earned run average, strikeout rate, walk rate, and fielding independent pitching. Fielding independent pitching is a formula that is used to focus on the events over which a pitcher has the most control, such as strikeouts and intentional walks. Fielding independent pitching also takes strikeouts, walks, and home runs allowed and translates them into a scaled earned run average formula. A good fielding independent pitching is in the twos and lower threes. McHugh’s FIP was 2.12 last season, which ranked fourth out of 144 relief pitchers.

Moreover, McHugh posted a 1.55 earned run average in 2021. His ERA ranked seventh out of 144 qualifying relief pitchers.

Arsenal of Pitches

McHugh has thrown about 20 percent four-seamers and eight percent curveballs and changeups. He has thrown 20 percent cutters and 10 percent sliders. By 2021, over 50 percent of his pitchers were sliders. A slider is a breaking pitch that is thrown faster and with less movement than a curveball. It breaks sharply at a higher velocity rate than a curveball.


Twenty-six of his 37 appearances last season came with more than two days rest. In 11 appearances, he faced more than nine batters. In 14 appearances, he faced six to eight batters and was called in the middle of the game in the fourth, fifth, and sixth inning. He threw two plus innings in 21 out of his 37 appearances. Out of the 37 appearances, he was a starter in seven of them.

Small Contract

A big market team such as the New York Yankees can easily find the funds to obtain such a proven reliever. The front office does not need to pay him for a longer contract than two years because he is already 34 years old and has a injury history.

Even though McHugh has injury concerns, he is definitely worth a contract with the Yankees!

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His ability to be as versatile in # of innings he can pitch at a low era make sense. Remember though he averages every three days.
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