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After viewing Claude Giroux at the 2022 NHL All-Star game, it is plain to see that he has far too much talent to be stuck playing in Philadelphia when the team has shown that they can’t make a solid playoff effort, and are fighting to keep themselves out of the bottom of the league. If the Flyers want to get a decent return for the player, they’ll have to move fast, as his contract runs out at the end of the season, and he is unlikely to be looking to sign a new one with the team. So where could this star veteran center end up playing should he be traded and what could the Flyers get in return?

Calgary Flames

If the Flyers are looking to get a skilled center in return for their captain, one of their top options is going to be the Calgary Flames. The Flyers could look to ask for a fair bit in return for their player, with a top forward and a couple of picks being a likely swap. A potential trade would see Elias Lindholm, a top defensive prospect, and a 2022 second-round pick going to the Flyers, with Giroux being swapped over to the Flames. This deal would be huge, given how the Flames look to be in a strong position to make a playoff push, with Jacob Markstrom looking absolutely stunning in net, and the team ahead of him playing strong on the other end of the ice.

If Giroux were looking at signing as a free agent, Calgary is also a solid option for him, he would likely be able to grab first-line minutes, possibly slide straight into an alternate-captain position and really help the next generation of players grow into their own. As well, the team looks like they could be cup contenders in the coming seasons, which could see the player get a couple more shots in at the Stanley Cup before the end of his playing career.

Nashville Predators

The Flyers could really grab a fair bit of young talent if they were to trade Giroux over to the Predators. The possible return for the Flyers would look to be a top defensive prospect, a strong forward, and possibly even a pick or two thrown into the deal. An example for this deal would see Luke Prokop and Mikael Granlund go to the Flyers in return for the veteran center. While a trade to Nashville doesn’t seem overly likely, the team could certainly grab some young talent as well as someone who could fill the hole left by Giroux’s departure if they were to play their cards right.

While Nashville may not be at the top of Giroux’s list for potential destinations, it should certainly be in the running. The team is currently second in their division and has a lot of young up and comers that the veteran could impart his wisdom on. In terms of playoff chances, the Predators look like they could qualify fairly easily for the next little while as long as they keep playing the way they have been lately. Giroux would likely earn top-line minutes with the team, but there is a chance that they slot him in the second line to keep the Matt Duchene line playing together.

Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings have a lot of young skill, but they need some strong veteran guidance to keep their team on track and developing. Because of this, the team may be willing to part with a fair bit in the pursuit of a solid veteran leader of men, and this center definitely fits the bill. The Red Wings may also be willing to part with a talent such as Filip Zadina, as they may not be able to exercise patience for the young talent to come into his own. If they were to part with Zadina, they would also likely need to part with a top prospect and an early-round pick. If the team is really desperate for this talent they may even consider offering up young goalie Sebastian Cossa.

If Giroux were looking at a free agent move, Detroit would likely be lower on his list, as they don’t look to be at a point of playoff contention, and their young talents may not be ready to be real cup contenders until after the veteran center ends his career. Should he go to the team, he would likely find himself playing on the second line, as captain Dylan Larkin is likely to remain on the first. The only way Giroux would play on the same line would be if Larkin move out to the left-wing and the line was Larkin and Giroux paired with young star Lucas Raymond.

While these are just three options for the elite center, there are certainly many more potential destinations that could realistically want the forward. As such, it cannot be known whether he will end up moving to any of them, or if he will end up moving at all. For the sake of the player’s career, we hope to see him move and at least make one more run for the cup.

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