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Quick Bulletin Overlook

This is a quick bulletin announcement. On February 7, 2022, the Flordia Panthers signed on Mack Guzda to a contract. It is a very exciting time as they secure another goalie perspective. So with the new goalie in tow, we will see about the statistics from his time in the OHL and how he performs as a goalie tender. We will see what type of contract he is under and how it will affect the team. Will there be a chance that he will be a trade-in for the goalie rotation for the Panthers?  How he will add a different taste to the Panthers roster? Without further ado, let us get started.

Who is Mack Guzda?

Mack Guzda is a goalie currently for Barrie Colts in the Ontario Hockey League. He has been the OHL for six years and for the majority of the time he played for the team called the Owen Sound Attack. His birthday is on January 11, 2001, which makes him 21 years old. He is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. He is also 6โ€™5โ€ (195 cm) and he weighs 216 pounds (98 kg). He also catches with his left hand when he is playing goalie.

Statistics and How He Tends to the Goal

Mackโ€™s statistics as a goalie are so impressive, many teams want him to be on their roster. The games played on average from all of the times he has played in his hockey career 20.4 GP.  The goals-against average in the span of his time on the ice is about 2.24 GAA. The saving percentage ranges from .878- .930, which is really good. In his current season, the saving percentage is .925. From watching the clips of him playing in the goal, the statistics do match the player quite well. He uses his height and his flexibility to be able to reach for the puck pretty quickly. He has a strong keenness on knowing when to be on the lookout for any shoots that will come his way.

Contract Details and Possible Trade

Since he has signed to the Florida Panthers, this is what the contract entails. This is a three-year contract at an entry level. According to Cap Friendly, the average annual value for Guzda is $925,000. The cap hit is at $897,500 for him. This is a similar contract to Spencer Knight with a cap hit of $925,000 at the same three-year entry-level contract. Is there a probability of a trade-in with Spencer Knight for Mack Guzda? As of this moment, not right now but there is always a probability.

Future Prospect for the Panthers?

From watching the clips, it is very easy to see why the Panthers have signed Mack up with a three-year entry-level contract. He has shown very impressive defending skills. He has also shown his flexibility, his saving percentage, and showing how much he is willing to improve on his skills as a goalie. I can honestly see the potential of him growing as a player. The Flordia Panthers are a very solid team and they are number one in the Atlantic Division currently in the NHL. With that in mind, Mack will be in great hands with the Panthers and I know he will feel at home.

Final Thoughts

With this exciting announcement, the Flordia Panthers have gained another goalie to an entry-level contract. Mack Guzado has got some great statistics and the skills that are used as a hockey goalie. This three-year contract will give him the opportunity to grow and learn from his future teammates. The probability of a goalie-shifting change could happen, but this could make the team have more strength in their roster. Mack will definitely make a splash in this wonderful line-up with flare.

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