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Jake Paul Backed by UFC Superstars

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The social media star who has continually been in an altercation with Dana White insists his latest proposal has been greatly appreciated by notable stars in the UFC.

Paul, a menace to the promotion in recent months, has always shown interest in taking on multiple UFC stars calling out Jorge Masvidal in the process. The undefeated boxer declared several conditions should he need to change boxing for mixed martial art, a decision that triggered mixed feelings among fighters and the fans.

Dana White and Jake Paul Butt Heads

White, on several occasions, dismissed Paul’s suggestion of fighting in the UFC in exchange for increased fighter’s pay and better healthcare systems also lambasting the boxer in the process.

Paul has gone on to release a diss track aimed at the UFC chief and some other superstars ridiculing the fighter’s wealth, status, and the treatment they receive from the UFC.

“First of all, Masvidal, you ain’t rich; 50 fights for $5million, that ain’t s***. Underpaid fights, where’s the healthcare rights? Got them risking all their lives and they can’t quit.”

Paul later turns his attention to McGregor, whom he labels a “rich, little weirdo”, before aiming at the Irishman’s old rival Nate Diaz by singing: “All that little Stockton s*** is cool, but that lisp got me thinking: ‘Diaz speak a different language.”

In a recent interview, the social media star disclosed he received supportive words from top UFC superstars and affectionate reception from MMA fans.

“I don’t want them to sacrifice, They have to put food on their family’s table. Like I said earlier, I happen to have a platform to be able to do this. So I accept the responsibility and I’m going to do it. I’ve made that decision. I’m going to war and I’m not backing down no matter what happens. I don’t need the fighters in the UFC to support this.”

“Behind the scenes, it would be great for them to support it and talk about it and push for these movements, and obviously if there’s a fighters’ union created, everyone in the UFC should join it to create power and to create a better position for themselves and a better life for themselves.”

“But I don’t need them to support a diss track or anything like that publicly, because they’re just going to f-ck themselves over, and I don’t want that. I want them to win and make more money.”- Paul said.

The feud between the two personalities doesn’t seem to subside anytime soon. It would be interesting to see if the boxer’s antics can catalyze a change in the UFC, as he has taken a step further in his demand by investing in the UFC.

Do you think the support of the anonymous UFC superstars is a sign of a protest against their treatment?

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