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Volkanovski Says Max Holloway Was Never Injured

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski called out rival Max Holloway, claiming that ‘Blessed’ was never injured.

The UFC announced a trilogy bout between Volkanovski (23-1-0, 10-0-0 UFC) and Holloway would go down at UFC 272 in March. Days later, it was reported that Holloway pulled out of the bout due to aggravating a prior injury. 

Enter The Zombie

Chan Sung Jung (17-6-0, 7-3-0 UFC), better known by fans as ‘Korean Zombie’ agreed to step up and take the title fight against Vokanovski. The bout was officially announced by the UFC, but pushed back to UFC 273 in April, allowing time for ‘Zombie’ to fully recover from a lingering shoulder injury. 

Now it appears that Holloway (23-6-0, 19-5-0 UFC) was able to recover faster than expected and has expressed interest in being the official back-up for the Volkanovski vs. ‘Zombie’ bout, should one be necessary. 

Needless to say, Volkanovski was skeptical of Holloway’s sudden recovery and suggested that ‘Blessed’ was never injured to begin with. 

“@BlessedMMA wants to be the backup fighter for the fight he was originally scheduled to fight. so in other words…he was never injured. Just hoping he doesn’t have to fight me or fight me while I’m preparing for someone…but hey ‘if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying’”

The most likely scenario is that Holloway’s injury was not as serious as previously thought, but ‘Blessed’ has yet to comment on his status as a back-up or provide a response to Volkanovski’s allegation. 

No matter the outcome at UFC 273, it would appear that Volkanovski and Holloway are on a collision course and their trilogy bout is just a matter of time.

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