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Dustin Poirier Claims He Will Never Fight Colby Covington In The UFC

Colby Covington has built a solid reputation of trash-talking opponents, peers, and teammates alike during his UFC tenure, with much of his recent animosity shifting towards former American Top Team teammate Dustin Poirier. Leading up to Covington’s scheduled UFC 272 main event bout against Jorge Masvidal, “Chaos” has directed several insults towards the former interim lightweight champion Poirier. During a recent interview with The Schmo, Covington took aim at Poirier, calling his wife a “h*e” and calling Dustin a “piece of sh*t father.”

All that reckless talk of you saying it was ‘on sight’, you know, this and that. Name the site b*tch! Let’s do this man! Bring your Jezebel of a wife, bring that little kid you use as a prop, and let’s run this! Stop scaring people with your fake charity, and let’s fight man! You’ve got to be held accountable.”

Colby Covington on The Schmo

Potential of Dustin Poirier vs. Colby Covington?

This verbal attack referred to Poirier, who had gone on record saying it’s “on sight” with his former ATT teammate. “The Diamond” had even more words while speaking with media members at UFC 271, where he suggested any potential fight would take place outside the Octagon. (SportsKeeda.com)

No. I’ll never fight Colby in an Octagon where there’s finances on the line. If I’m fighting Colby we’re both going to jail. I’m going to jail. I’m not going to fight him in an octagon. He’s not making money off of my career and what I’ve done. This is something different, you know. You will never see me fight Colby Covington in the UFC.

Poirier during a UFC 271 interview

All of these verbal jabs have MMA fans speculating about a potential Poirier vs. Covington showdown in the future, given Poirier’s recent talks of moving up to Welterweight and the sheer amount of bad blood between the two. For now, according to Dustin, we probably won’t see this fight happen under the UFC banner.

Meanwhile, Covington’s next scheduled bout takes place at UFC 272 against previously mentioned Jorge Masvidal: another former ATT teammate turned bitter rival. Given that Poirier remains a close friend and teammate of Masvidal, Dustin has displayed strong support for “Gamebred” leading up to the fight.

Do you want to see Dustin Poirier face off against Colby Covington? Let us know in the comments below!

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