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Game Preview: Panthers vs. Hurricanes

As the game is approaching on February 16th, this is a game preview as well as a projection between the Flordia Panthers and the Carolina Hurricanes. We will be looking at the progression of both teams. The lines that will be a probability of gameplay, as well as goaltenders, that will be likely in this game. There will also be score predictability in the game. Will the Panthers will end up triumphant or would the Hurricanes be on top? Let us go ahead and get started.


Panthers and Hurricanes: Top of Their Game

The Panthers, as of this article, are first in the Atlantic Division. With the majority of the players getting goals or getting assists, they are on fire. The defence has been on point as well as the goaltenders. They have been on quite a streak. The Hurricanes, as of right now, are first in the Metropolitan Division. With their amazing offence as well as defence and goaltenders, this team has overall well-rounded players. The matchup between these two will be interesting and amazing gameplay.

Hurricanes Roster and Overall Look

From watching the highlights of the games that they have played, the Hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with. Their roster and specialty teams are very strong. According to Elite Prospects, the Hurricanes" goals and assists are quite impressive. The average for the goals is nearly 5.7 points and assists are on average about 9.9 points. The goal tendings saving percentage is about .882. So, what does this tell us? They have strong lines of offence, defence, and solid goaltending. It is a good sign, especially in the Metropolitan Division, one of the toughest divisions in the NHL.

Panthers Averages and Overall Look

From watching the games and highlights of the Panthers, they are living up to the hype. Their roster of players is an excellent mixture between the veterans, semi-veterans, and rookies alike. According to Elite Prospects, the Panthers" goals and assists are on point. The average for the goals is 6.4. The assist average is 11. The goaltending save percentage is .909. Slightly higher average than the Carolina Hurricanes. What does this translate into? This translates into a well-balanced team as well as the coaching and staff. That is impressive l, especially when they are at the top of the Atlantic Division.

Possible Line-Up and Goaltenders for the Hurricanes

With the upcoming game, lineups can change based on who they will play against. In this case, it would not surprise anyone that both Hurricanes and Panthers will keep their lineups unless something comes up. The Hurricanes will keep their lineups for the offence and the defence. They will also keep the powerplay units and the penalty kill units. For the goalies, they will keep Frederik Andersen and have Antti Raanta as a backup.

Possible Line-Up and Goaltenders for the Panthers

In this game, the lineup for the Panthers would probably remain unchanged unless something comes up. This would not be a surprise. The offence and defence pairings will remain the same. The powerplay units, as well as the penalty kill units, will remain the same. For the goaltenders, they will have either Sergei Bobrovski or Jonas Johansson in the net. They will be each other"s backup. If they are not in the net, then there is a probability that Spencer Knight will be in the net.

Final Game Prediction and Conclusion

Based on the average of the stats between the Hurricanes and the Panthers, this will be a very close game. Both of these teams are at the top of their game. From how they play, they will play hard and very well. The defence and the goaltending will be very strong. The game might also go into overtime with the probability of the Panthers winning the game 5-4 against the Hurricanes. It will be a very exciting game to watch. Overall, both the Hurricanes and Panthers will still be at the top and will put up a great game.

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