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Montreal Canadiens Trade Tyler Toffoli

The Montreal Canadiens have traded away star forward Tyler Toffoli to the Calgary Flames. The Flames have traded across 30-year old Tyler Pitlick, Swedish prospect Emil Heineman, a protected 2022 First Round pick, and a 2024 second-round pick. So was this a fair swap, or was there a side that overly won this trade?

The Canadiens giving up Toffoli is a huge deal as the player has largely been a first-line forward for the Canadiens this season, and has been a production force for a team that has had issues putting together wins this season. Toffoli is 29-years old and was really able to build himself into a leadership presence among the Canadiens locker room. This move will likely upset a fair few players, but will likely be good for Toffoli as it allows him to play with a team that is currently within the top of the league.

In terms of what the Flames received, Toffoli is a playoff-based player, and with the way that things currently are, the Flames will be looking to push their way into Stanley Cup contention. Toffoli managed to win a cup with the LA Kings back in 2013-14 and has since been able to take part in a fair few cup pushes, showing off a lot of skill during all of them.

The Flames gave up a young prospect in Emil Heineman who has played fairly well as a two-way forward in the SHL, however, he has only once broken the 40 point mark in a season but has almost always managed to maintain a positive +/- rating. They also traded away an experienced veteran in Tyler Pitlick, who has also not been an overly impressive goal scorer but makes for a solid depth forward.

Perhaps the biggest giveaway in this deal is the draft picks that were given up, as the only way they will get their first-round pick back is if it is placed in the top ten, which does not seem likely given the performances of the team this season, they are unlikely to place in a lottery position or anywhere low enough that it would be a high pick. They also lost a second-round pick in 2024, of which it is currently too early to know where that pick could be positioned, or who could potentially be taken.

Overall, I would place the Flames as winning that trade, given how they have gained a solid playoff player in Toffoli, as well as having minimal losses in terms of picks, given how the chances are fairly low that their first-round pick will be anywhere in the top ten overall. Only time will tell how this trade will turn out for both sides, but it overall looks like a fairly good deal.

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