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Pavel Zacha Trade Rumors

Given what I had heard publicly from Elliotte Friedman’s 32 Thoughts that the Vancouver Canucks have shown interest in New Jersey Devils forward Zacha scored against the Buffalo Sabres in November. The former 6th overall pick was selected by then Devils Director of Amateur Scouting David Conte before Paul Castron took over under Ray Shero (Shero was at this Draft on mic introducing Conte before the pick) when then General Manager Lou Lamoriello stepped down with Lou’s old guard in place. So by default Zacha was a “David Conte pick.”

Yes, Zacha is a big body but he doesn’t throw his big body around but his shooting game is increasing. Vancouver has mentioned that they could move on from Conor Garland and the Devils need a shooter on the wings. Zacha is more of a winger and should be able to play better in a different system of offense than the one he is part of.

Privately my source has told me it won’t be one for one if people think it’ll begin and conclude that way with Vancouver’s new GM at the helm. For there to be a realistic trade to occur the Devils may need to part ways with Zacha, and some other key pieces that Vancouver or other teams may take into consideration. Zacha is only 0.45 points per game type of player per and is below the 0.70 points per game threshold from last season so there was a window of opportunity missed to move Pavel.

Conor Garland

Per hockey Garland of the Vancouver Canucks has proven to be a more effective, and efficient player than Zacha at 0.59 points per game a 0.14 points per game differential. On the contrary last year Garland was at 0.80 points per game pace and has dropped off by 0.21 vs. last year’s law of average. Conor is most certainly a proven 22 goal per season guy in his 3 seasons in the league yet having a very good impact offensively.

Brock Boeser

If Tom Fitzgerald is going to try and be a bit bolder with going after another forward in Boeser is another option to take a gander at for a possible upgrade at wing. However, it could be more costly for an upgrade at the wing.

Having seen Boeser who is a 6’1″ 207 pounds if Devils fans are looking for a bit sturdier guy than Garland overpaying for Brock will be a nice option to utilize on the New Jersey Devils’ top 6 wing group. The Devils have a conundrum with finishing up on scoring chances and adding a sniper-like Brock Boeser into the fold would help increase the Devils goal-scoring and odds of maintaining leads. 

Brock is already on pace to shatter his own 29 goals and 56 points if he can get on a younger, faster, more energized Devils system.


Boeser is .80 points per game career type of player versus Garland’s 0.586 points per game career player. With forwards like Boeser likely gonna get a big payday I can see the Devils having to swing a big sign and trade, Fitzgerald might be willing to do with P.K. Subban‘s contract coming off the books this summer from that $9 million salary-cap hit. So that potential cash from Subban’s can be reallocated to a player of Boeser’s magnitude.

If Fitzgerald is not willing to part ways with many pieces in trade it’ll likely end up being Garland with Zacha in a big package getting moved out. At this point it is hypothetical trades can be done by March 21st’s trade deadline.

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