The Women Behind the Yankees

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Every day is always a great day to tell somebody that you love them. But in mid February, everyone just wants to do a little extra something for their special someone. Sports fans spend so much time focusing on their favorite athletes and tend to forget these players are also family men (or women). This Valentines Day, let us look at some Yankee wives both past and present and send them some love for keeping our pinstripe heroes afloat.

Laura Posada

Laura is the quintessential Yankee wife because it feels as though she has been around forever. Having Married Jorge in 2000, she has been a recognizable face for Yankee fans for over twenty years. Laura and Jorge have both established the Jorge Posada foundation which raises money to research a condition called craniosynostosis. Her kind heart keeps giving in other ways, as she dedicates her career to being a life coach who offers expertise about nutrition, exercise, and overall health.

Amy Cole

Amy has been the apple of Yankee fans eyes since her husband Gerrit came to the Bronx. What some may not know about Amy, is that she was a softball pitcher for the UCLA Bruins. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy during the summer of 2020, warming Yankee fans hearts through the troubled Covid paranoia.

Amber Sabathia

Along with Laura Posada, Amber has been a heartfelt and recognizable personality to Yankee fans for years. She and CC were high school sweethearts who married and raised wonderful children. She and CC founded the PitCCh In Foundation which gives support to inner city children. Currently, Amber is a baseball agent at CAA Sports, as well as an entrepreneur, columnist, and philanthropist.

Tori Rigman

Tori and Luke Voit have been married since 2018 and welcomed their first child in 2021. The two grew up together as children before ultimately ending up as husband and wife. Something about the two being childhood friends is enough to warm anyones heart.

Newly Weds

Samantha Bracksieck

Samantha is one of the newest wives to the Yankee family, having married Aaron Judge in Hawaii in 2021. While she may be a new face to Yankee fans, she certainly is no new-comer to Aaron Judge, since they both started dating in high school.

Cheyenne Woods

While she is not technically a Yankee wife yet, Cheyenne became engaged to Aaron Hicks in October of 2021.

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