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Paddy Pimblett Not Buying Jake Paul’s Mendacious Propaganda

When it comes to Jake Paul’s quest for better pay and treatment of fighters in the UFC, Paddy Pimblett is not convinced of it being anything more than a publicity stunt.

Paul, the YouTube star-turned undefeated professional boxer, has engaged in a mostly one-sided feud with UFC President Dana White over fighter pay and healthcare for athletes signed by the promotion. A recent report suggested that Paul had a fair amount of support from UFC fighters, but not everyone is convinced.

“He’s Trying To Act Like A Martyr”

During a recent episode of his podcast ‘Chattin Pony with Paddy The Baddy,’ the subject of Jake Paul came up and Pimblett had a strong opinion on the social media star.

“I’ll be honest, that’s the thing what’s pissing me off,” Pimblett said on his podcast. “He’s going on, he’s trying to act like a martyr, like he’s helping MMA fighters. He’s not, lad. He’s just doing that for his own publicity. That’s why the only thing what’s pissing me off about it, people are like, ‘Ah, he’s actually being good for MMA fighters.’ He’s not. He just wants to make a show of Dana White, and that’s the perfect way of doing it.”

Paul has expressed an interest in a transition to mixed martial arts before calling it a career. While the UFC is unlikely to lay down the welcome mat for Paul, both the PFL and Bellator have exhibited interest. Despite this, Pimblett isn’t holding his breath on Paul taking an MMA fight.

“The way he’s saying, ‘I’m gonna end up getting in the cage.’ You’re not, lad,” Pimblett said. “You’re not. Stop lying. If you wanna have an MMA fight, I’ll fight you in my ma’s garden tomorrow. You know what I mean?”

Pimblett (17-3, 1-0 UFC) earned critical acclaim in his UFC debut when he spectacularly knocked out Luigi Vendramini in September. ‘The Baddy’ will step back into the Octagon on March 19 when the UFC invades London for the first time in three years. 

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