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Who Are the Favorites to Win the World Cup

With the Euros not long behind us, football fans around the world have been initiated with a plethora of World Class football. We’ve had the restart of fans being allowed into English and Scottish games with the rest of Europe following suit, the Copa America and the African Cup of Nations. It almost feels wrong to say we only need to wait until the end of THIS year to see the World Cup.

World Cup Outright Odds

It has got to go down as one of the most hectic 16/17 months in the football calendar, ever, however you won’t find me complaining about it.

The Favourites to Win


The obvious favourites to win, based on strength of depth alone would be France. Currently sitting at 5/1 with several online betting sites. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given they have the likes of Mbappe, Pogba, Pavard, Varane, Lloris, Hernandez and many, many more. France could send their second XI and probably still get to the last 16.


As a Scotsman, I refuse to label England as the favourites, however even I will admit it’s hard to rule them out. Another team that has strength-in-depth, along with a real mercurial, golden generation. The likes of Kane, Grealish, Sterling, Rashford are all established players, and you’ve got the likes of Ben White, Saka, Emile Smith-Rowe etc. all to come through and become regulars, that’s a level of talent most countries would bite your hand off for. In the latest World Cup outright odds, England sit at 11/2 with several sites, but others have them joint with France at 5/1.


An outside favourite for the role would need to be Argentina. They have won the Copa America for the first time in Lionel Messi’s international career, and the Greatest to play the game may only have one more opportunity on the world stage. This alone makes the Argentines a prospect, add in the abundance of talent coming through, Emi Martinez and Rodrigo De Paul to name just two of them. The South Americans are sitting at a very, very temping 11/1 by all the same sportsbooks, and if I was a betting man, I’d be thinking long and hard about this one as it’s got some serious potential at those odds.


Personally, I’m going to go with Argentina. I think the style of play they have adopted is made for tournament football, and with the likes of Messi, De Paul and Martinez, I feel the talent backs up the hype.

If you want an outside pick, I’d suggest Portugal. Odds ranging from 14/1 to 16/1, that’s another very tasty bet.

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