The Likely Replacements for Correa

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One of the more difficult tasks for owners and players is contract negotiations. Such is the case for star shortstop Carlos Correa, who is currently a free agent. Should Correa decide to sign with another team, who will replace the platinum glover?

1. Alex Bregman

Alex Bregman is the most likely the answer for the Astros at shortstop. Bregman was drafted as a shortstop in 2015 out of LSU, but adapted to playing third base, and he’s been a top five third baseman in the league ever since.

Bregman is one of the best defensive players in all of baseball, and he has some pop in his bat as well winning the Silver Slugger award in 2019. Bregman has proven to be flexible with the Astros, but Houston might want to keep him at third since he’s proven to be so good.

Should the Astros decide to move Bregman to SS, Aledmys Diaz would most likely become an everyday player at third.

2. Aledmys Diaz

Aledmys Diaz has mostly been a bench player for the Astros. Diaz can play multiple positions and normally is used to give other players a day off. Diaz can play left field, first base, second base, shortstop, and first base.

Aside from Bregman, Diaz makes the most sense to take over, or at least hold it down until some of the minor league prospects are ready to make the jump.

Aledmys had one of his best seasons statistically last season, and he definitely deserves to have a starting position on the team, its only a matter of time.

3. Jeremy Pena

Jeremy Pena is currently one of the top prospects in the Astros organization. Pena is a middle infielder who’s been patiently waiting for his opportunity in the big leagues. Pena was drafted in the 2018 Amateur draft by the Astros and has been tearing it up in the minor leagues as of late.

His stats are as follows: .283 batting average, 43 homeruns, and a on-base percentage of .353.

The mostly likely scenario for the Astros and Pena is to have Aledmys Diaz start the season at SS and continue to play shortstop until Pena is ready.

Final Thoughts

As an Astros fan myself, I don’t want to see Correa leave, but you cannot always have what you want. However, should he leave, the Astros still have options at SS and will be right back in the playoffs in 2022.

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