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On February 8th the trial regarding Tyler Skaggs’ death began. Due to multiple delays, the trial has finally begun almost two and a half years after his tragic death. The United States vs. Eric Kay has now featured many major league players that are testifying they had received drugs from Kay.

Kay was the former communications director of the Angels and faces felony charges of distributing opioids and causing the opioid-related death of Tyler Skaggs in 2019 while on a road trip to Texas.

Kay confided in Adam Chodzko, the current director of communications, two weeks after Skaggs death. Chodzko testified that he saw Kay with three lines of drugs on a table and watched Skaggs snort them before leaving the room. Kay’s defense attorney’s argument was that Skaggs was not in medical distress when Kay left his room.

This opens to the news that we received today about Matt Harvey testifying in court. He said he used drugs in the dugout and clubhouse. The prosecutors are trying to argue that Kay provided the pitcher with the drugs in his system when he died in 2019.

Harvey said he provided Skaggs with Percocet in the clubhouse and that he would receive drugs from Kay. Harvey was not the only player to take the stand Tuesday with C.J. Cron, Mike Morin, and Cam Bedrossian giving testimony that Kay provided them with drugs.

This trial is long from over with some of Skaggs teammates still preparing to give testimony. Prosecutors have several communications alleging Kay arranged drugs to be brought to Angels Stadium. Retired DEA agent Michael Ferry said Angel’s pitcher Garrett Richards and Skaggs sent hundreds to Kay through Venmo.

There is a lot more to this case, as more details come out about the case it will be interesting to see how many players are linked to Kay. It will also be interesting to see if the MLB makes any changes to try and avoid a tragedy like this again.

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