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What’s Good with Jessica-Rose Clark?

For the uninformed, Jessica-Rose Clark is a former women’s flyweight fighter who has now set her sights on the blooming women’s bantamweight division. There was an ACL tear that kept her out of action for most of 2021, but with a victory at the tail end of 2021, there is something brewing there. This article will look at Clark’s move to bantamweight and her upcoming fight with Stephanie Egger. 

Rose Clark has developed quite the following over the past few years. She has a likable attitude and had a nasty finish over Sarah Alpar, that showed lots of potential. That being said, looking at her record most victories came from decision. This trend continued with her bantamweight debut, where she primarily wrestled.

While many were unhappy with the performance, the primary goal should be to win and she did dominantly. Also many of the most respected fighters, like George St-Pierre and Khabib Nurmagomedov did not always put on super exciting fights. 

A Wealth of Potential

That being said, she could have taken more risks in that fight, or threatened some submissions. There are also some things that will make her climb up the ranks more challenging, namely reach. Clark’s reach will most likely be less than all her opponents, so expect more grappling and probably some dirty boxing.

A lack of reach does not confirm more grappling. If you can’t reach out and touch someone, you are too far away to take them down. There are plenty of strategies Clark can adopt as she pursues her third straight victory. 

Overall, over the next few years women’s bantamweight will grow into a well developed division. When looking at welterweight for example, there is a constant style of wrestling thanks to people like Matt Hughes. Women’s bantamweight is wide open in this sense.

Jessica-Rose Clark could potentially set the style. Only time will tell how far Clark makes it in this division, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. No doubt expectations are high, we will see if the Australian can get over the upcoming hurdle in the form of Egger, a sneaky fighter who has the potential to finish her. 

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