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2022 Miami Marlins Predictions

As the 2022 MLB season is fast-approaching, this article is going to take a look at the Miami Marlins roster for the season. This would include the pitchers, infield, and outfield. There will be an overall view of the Marlins. Finally, a conclusion on how well the Marlins will do in the 2022 season. Will there be a win in the World Series for the Marlins? Without further ado, let us go ahead and dive in.


Pitchers are one of the most essential players in baseball. The stronger the pitcher roster, the better. The pitchers for the Marlins are very impressive. One of the best pitchers on the Marlins is Sandy Alcantara. Based on his stats, those are some very nice numbers to look at. Even his career average is very impressive. The other two pitchers behind Alcantara are Trevor Rogers and Pablo Lopez. Their stats also do support great numbers and great talent. In this case, those numbers are pretty solid. Will they hold up against some of the best teams in MLB? It is a possibility when they keep up with their training during the off-season.


Catchers are also very essential when it comes to a baseball game. The catchers for the Marlins are also very impressive. The top catchers for the Marlins are Sandy Leon, Nick Fortes, Alex Jackson after the trade with the Atlanta Braves. The stats for the catchers are honestly pretty decent. In all honesty, they can stand up against the best teams in the East Conference if they are consistent in their training as well as coaches that make sure that they are in shape.


Infielders are also an important backbone of a baseball game. The first basemen to the shortstops, the Marlins have a very good rotation of players. For the first basemen, the top players for the first base are Jesus Aguilar, Lewin Diaz, and Garrett Cooper. For the second base, the best players are Isan Diaz, Jon Berti, and Jose Devers. For the third base, the top players are as follows: Brian Anderson and Eddy Alvarez. For a shortstop, based on the stats, the best player is Miguel Rojas. Based on the roster of players, they have a very solid chance against some of the best teams in the MLB.


Outfielders are the defensemen of baseball and they always make sure that no ball gets past them. From all three positions in the outfield, the Marlins have great numbers for catching the balls. For left field, the best players are Corey Dickerson and Lewis Brinson. For center field, the best players are Magneuris Sierra and Monte Harrison. For the right field, the best players are Jesus Sanchez and Brian De La Cruz. From this roster, it is a very solid roster of players. In that perspective, they have great potential for the upcoming season.

Stats for the Marlins

The stats for the Marlins are impressive and it is very easy to see why they have the potential to be in the playoff season for this year. The total at-bats are very high and very good. The RBI total is also really good and impressive. The player"s average is pretty good. From the perspective of the 2022 season, there is a good chance that they will be able to be in the playoffs and there will be a probability of them being in the World Series. Will they win? Hard to say, but they can be in the playoffs.


For the Marlins, this upcoming season will be a very exciting one. After the overall look for the Marlins, they have the potential to be in the playoffs as well as the World Series. Stay tuned as the Miami Marlins start their season in March. Play ball!

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585 days ago
I can appreciate the Marlins getting any coverage whatsoever but this article is somewhat misleading since Corey Dickerson and Lewis Brinson no longer play for the Marlins and some key players who are Marlins weren't mentioned at all, like star second baseman Jazz Chisholm and new catcher Jacob Stallings.
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Jack Jennings
586 days ago
Magneuris Sierra is on the Angels. Lewis Brinson is a free agent.
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