Freddie Freeman Is a Great Fit for the Yankees

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Freddie Freeman, the free agent from the 2021 World Series Atlanta Braves, is currently on the New York Yankees radar.

Freeman has played first base for the Braves his entire 12-year career. During that stretch, he has been one of the very best first basemen in the game.

The Canadian-American would be a good fit for the Yankees, and here are a few reasons why.

Consistent Left Hand Swing

He has a very good left-handed swing that is perfect for the right-field porch at Yankee Stadium, and he could easily add to the 271 home runs has already accumulated. The five-time All-Star has a career batting average of .295. Barring an injury, Freeman will also notch his 1,000 career run batted in this season.

In 159 games last season, he posted a strikeout ratio of 15.4 percent, a walk rate of 12.2 percent, a .379 wOBA, and a 135 wRC+ while only posting a 4.5 fWAR. He has a great strikeout rate and an above average walk rate. A solid wOBA is between .371 to .399. wRC+ stands for Weighted Runs Created Plus, which attempts to credit a hitter for the value of each outcome. Since Freeman’s was 135, he created 35 percent more runs than the league’s average in the same number of plate appearances.

In his entire career, his stats are an 11.7 percent walk rate, wOBA is .379, and his wRC+ is 138. Last season’s stats as you can see are very similar to his entire career stats. He has been consistent each and every year with his offensive stats.

Elite Defensive Skills

Freeman has been an elite defensive first baseman for a long time. Last season, Freeman posted an Outs Above Average of four which ranks him in the 86th Percentile and a Defensive Runs Saved of two. Outs Above Average shows how many outs a player has saved. Defensive Runs Saved measure how many runs a player has saved. With those defensive metrics he has received, he will be a huge upgrade defensively for the Yankees.

Freeman checks all of the boxes for the Yankees. He is a consistent left-handed hitter that hits for power and is an elite defensive first baseman.

The Yankees need to go get Freeman immediately, as he will help them make that next step into grabbing the World Series in the 2022 season.

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