Sidney Crosby Hits the 500 Goal Milestone

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Sidney Crosby made his way into the history books when he scored his 500th goal the other day. The odds were low since he went into the match with a 499 score. He is now the second active NHL player to hit the milestone. But what does that say about NHL Player Prop Bets?

There is still a long way for Crosby to reach Wayne Gretzky’s record of 894 goals. Nevertheless, Sidney Crosby is now one of only two active NHL players who “has done it.” The historic goal came during the first period of Pittsburgh’s game against Flyers this Tuesday, February 15th.

For anyone who had money wagered on the game, some might have made some player prop bets on Crosby, like how many goals he would score in total during the game. There are countless ways to get involved in an NHL match if you want to try NHL betting. The three most popular markets are Money Line, Puck Line, and Goal Totals, which means that player prop bets aren’t in the biggest betting categories. But it’s a very intriguing category since it exercises the bettor’s knowledge and analytical skills per player, in other words, the atoms of a game.

On His Way to 690 Goals

Anyone who has been following along was not surprised that Sidney Crosby became the 46th player to reach 500 goals. He and Alex Ovechkin from the Washington Capitals are the only active NHL players with at least 500 goals. Hockey is a team effort but having star shooters like Alex or Crosby in a game adjusts the odds in one way or another, which is why it can be interesting and fun to hone in on a player-focused bet.

It is not only bettors who like to study a player like Crosby, but teammates like Jake Guentzel also underline how a player like Crosby is an endless resource of inspiration whose style of play has taught him “so much.” Hockey Hall of Fame Mario Lemieux was not slow in saying that he would not be surprised if Crosby would not close in on his 690 career goals.

What is NHL Player Prop Bets?

Studying star players or other players can be a fascinating aspect of engaging in a game, which is why there are Player Prop Bets. NHL player prop bets are a type of bet in which the bettor puts their money on the probability of something happening or not happening regarding a specific player. The bets are based on statistics and, or performances. 

One of the most immediate aspects of player prop bets is betting on points and goals. But a bettor can also wager on assists, shots, or even saves from a goaltender. A game can clip on its head in an instant. Because NHL games are fast paced with the possibility of a goal or a penalty at any second. Combining prop bets with live betting is an option for anyone who wants to put an edge on their NHL betting.

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