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Driver Vandalizes Petco Park in Bizarre Incident

It seems Petco Park has been the most talked about in the past few months due to strange and unfortunate events taking place there. This incident, however, left many stadium workers scratching their heads as to why it even occurred in the first place.

Oh Joy…Ride

On the morning of February 18th, a driver was caught on video doing doughnuts in the stadium"s outfield which ultimately left the surface in shambles. Attorney Ryan Carlson stated that it was “definitely the most bizarre thing he"d ever seen on the field" as he watched from his office which overlooks the stadium. Carlson also said that he believed it was an employee out for a joyride on the field but once he saw the man doing doughnuts in the outfield, he immediately pulled out his phone to record the situation.

The SoCal attorney played it off as a joke and made a quip about how this guy must really be mad about MLB"s new playoff format or the lockout in general. Employees on the field did not even seem fazed by what was occurring but acted in a quick and swift manner to block all entrances so he could not leave. Once trapped, the driver was shown sitting on the dirt and surrounded by employees until security arrived. The police then showed up to arrest and detain the suspect for further processing.

Due Process

The man, whose name was not released to the public, was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism. If convicted, he is looking at possibly spending a year in prison while simultaneously being slapped with a $10,000 fine. I am not sure what to quite make of this whole thing but my only question has to be this: what in the hell was this guy thinking? I mean, go ahead and be mad at the Padres for missing the playoffs but vandalizing their ballpark? By no means is that acceptable.

I also find it strange that so many occurrences are happening at this specific ballpark compared to any other this year. First, there was an unfortunate murder-suicide consisting of a mother and her son falling over the food court rail in September and now someone ruins the outfield grass with their SUV. There are very unexplained events with no motive whatsoever. The Padres declined to comment on the matter.

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