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The upcoming game between the Flordia Panthers and the Columbus Blue Jackets will be a very exciting game. This article is a projected game preview of the Panthers versus the Blue Jackets. Atlantic versus Metropolitan. We will be taking a look at the Panthers and Blue Jackets by the following: averages, overall look, line-up probability, goaltending probability, and a final game prediction. The probable final score and who will win. Whether in overtime, shootout, or a victory, this will be a very exciting game. Let us proceed, shall we?

Panthers (Atlantic) vs. Blue Jackets (Metropolitan)

As of this article, the Panthers and the Blue Jackets will be playing on February 24th. Even if it is just a couple of days away, it still will be an exhilarated game. The Panthers have just won three away games. The Blue Jackets have been struggling in the past few games, but they have won a couple of games including the last game where they won the game against the Buffalo Sabres. The matchup between will be quite an interesting one. Now, let us dive in on the averages and the overall look for the Blue Jackets.

Blue Jackets Averages and Overall Look

From watching the highlights of the games the last couple of games, the way the Blue Jackets play is pretty good. Their offense and their defense are pretty solid on their good days. According to Elite Prospects, the Blue Jackets’ goals and assists are very solid. The average goal per player is around 5.51. The average assists per player are around 9.31. The goaltending saving percentage average is .911. How does this look for the Blue Jackets? For being in the toughest division in the NHL, those are pretty solid numbers. From the offense to the goaltending, they do have a solid team.

Panthers Updated Averages and Overall Look

Now, an update on the Panthers. The Panthers have been on a hot streak and their numbers have shown it. From watching the highlights and the games, they continue to impress by the overall offense, defense, goaltending, and special teams. The current average for goals is about 6.86. The current average of assists is 11.8. The average goal percentage currently is about. 909. What does this mean for the Panthers? This means that they are very solid and they are not to be messed around when they are playing. They are still at their top no matter what.

Possible Line-Up and Goaltenders for the Blue Jackets

In this upcoming game, lineups can change based on the players, situations, and anyone who is injured reserve. For both the Blue Jackets and the Panthers, they will more than likely keep their roster the same as well as the special teams. For the Blue Jackets, they will more than likely keep their offensive line, defense line, specialty teams, and penalty kill teams. For their goalies, they will more than likely have either Daniil Tarasov or Jean-François Bérubé. They will more than likely rotate if it is necessary.

Possible Line-Up and Goaltenders for the Panthers

In this game, it is more than likely that the Panthers will keep their same lineup unless something changes. All of the lines will probably not change from the offense to the penalty kill line. For the goaltending, it would remain the same with their top two goalies for this time. Sergei Bobrovski and Jonas Johansson will be most likely unless there is a shake-up within the roster. Overall, they will be as solid as always.

Final Game Prediction and Conclusion

From looking at the averages of the goals and assists from both the Blue Jackets and the Panthers, there will be a win or a probability of overtime. Their stats are very solid and this game will be a very well-played game. The defense and goaltending will be quite solid. This game can be a couple of goals ahead or the overtime win by the Panthers. If it is not in overtime, the score will more than likely be a 6-4 win by the Panthers. If it is in overtime, the score would be a 6-5 win by the Panthers. This game will be epic beyond proportion. Overall, both the Blue Jackets and the Panthers will put on an exciting game and play for that sweet win.

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