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MMA World Reacts to Jon Jones Arrest Video

Jon Jones confirmed on Twitter that his long-time fiancée has left him following his latest domestic violence arrest in September.

On Feb. 22, the Las Vegas Review-Journal released bodycam footage from the arrest which showed a belligerent Jones accusing the responding officers of racial profiling while spewing racial slurs himself and referring to one of the individuals as “Officer Nerd.” 

Jones can also be seen in the footage headbutting a police vehicle leaving a dent and damaged paint in the process. 

One day after the release of the arrest footage, Jones took to Twitter to confirm that his fiancée Jessie Moses left him months ago and presented it as an opportunity for his haters to celebrate.

“My fiancé left me about two months ago, today she finalized that she won’t be coming back. If you are a Jon Jones hater, have a toast, I feel like sh*t.” 

Jon Jones deleted the tweet shortly after posting it, but the MMA world was quick to react to the news, some supporting Jones who clearly has personal demons to address while others continued to condemn the former light heavyweight champion for his actions over the last several years.

The domestic violence charge stemming from the September arrest was dropped in December. Jones pled no-contest to property damage and was ordered to pay a $750 fine and attend anger management classes.

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