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UFC Vegas 49 Gambling Guide

The card before a big PPV is a great way to warm up the ole’ gambling chops. Here are the bets that will deliver enough of a cushion so bets can be placed next week as well.

Armen Petrosyan to win vs Gregory Rodrigues (+140)

Armen Petrosyan and Armen Petrosyan is one of the funniest bits of news cycling the MMA world this week. Despite the same name being said/spelled the same way, these are two different people who have reached a considerable level of success in combat sports. This was news to many people this week, but this post will be focused on the Armen Petrosyan who is making his UFC debut this Saturday. Petrosyan is a hard hitter who shows up with the intention of striking. His opponent, Gregory Rodrigues, is going to look for takedowns and submissions. Rodrigues doesn’t shy away from striking exchanges, but grappling is usually his game plan. However, none of that matters. The nickname battle is what deserves time and energy. Robocop (Rodrigues) VS. Superman (Petrosyan). Superman beats up Robocop. He can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes. Superman can pick up Robocop and fly him over an ocean or a cliff like an eagle would do to a goat. When put into this perspective, Petrosyan is a LOCK.

Terrance McKinney to win vs Fares Ziam (+100)

Any consistent fan of the sport remembers Terrance McKinney’s UFC debut. He marched right to the center of the cage and fed Matt Frevola a 1-2 that ended the fight in just seven seconds. That is the fastest win in a UFC debut ever. Since then, McKinney has not entered the cage but has kept his name relevant by tweeting the same stuff repeatedly. While his Twitter account may be starting to wear thin on fans, his fighting ability should remain at the forefront of everybody’s mind. McKinney is very dangerous. Since suffering two straight losses in 2019, McKinney has gone on an unbelievable run of first-round finishes, which led to his record-setting performance against Frevola. Fares Ziam is a fun prospect himself. Ziam did show a bit of a weakness to unrelenting pressure in his last fight, which could spell trouble for him here. McKinney will be hunting that first-round finish, and if he puts Ziam on the backfoot, the night could end quickly. 

Ji Yeon Kim to win vs Priscila Cachoeira (-165)

It never takes much convincing to root against people who eye gouge because they’re losing. Priscila Cachoeira committed one of the most egregious fouls in UFC history in her last fight when she intentionally tried to claw her opponents’ eyes to get out of a difficult position. How she is still with the UFC is confusing. Most fouls are understandable to an extent. Groin kicks always look like an accident. Grounded knees are close at times, but shoving fingers into eyes is unjustifiable. There is no defense for that. Permanent damage can happen very easily. People have permanently lost their vision because of similar fouls. Ji Yeon Kim has an awesome nickname (Fire Fist) and she is an awesome fighter who you would never expect to intentionally eye gouge an opponent. Expect her to take out the trash on Saturday.

The Favorites Parlay (+201)

Last week the favorites parlay sadly lost on its last leg. Still have love for Jessica-Rose Clark, but will not be putting real U.S dollars on her again any time soon. In order to ensure the bounce back, this parlay was carefully and meticulously created through legitimate criteria. After minutes of hard work, here is the final product. 

All who bet this parlay will be outcasts since the entire internet is rooting for Bobby Green. Green is a gangster, but nobody is wrong for profiting off of Makhachev’s dominant grappling.

If you have any other good bets to share or want to start up a discussion don’t hesitate to interact with this post.

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