Potential DH Options For The Phillies

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Baseball fans everywhere are hoping that MLB and the MLBPA lockout will be coming to a conclusion soon. While these meetings have been going on, one idea has surfaced, that could be a gamechanger for National League teams. The idea is that now National League teams will be able to have a Designated Hitter as the American League does. This new rule would be great for baseball due to the fact that fans wouldn’t have to witness a pitcher batting, which is usually pointless at-bat. With the idea being potentially brought into fruition, it would be smart for the Phillies to start looking into players who could take that designated hitter role in their lineup.

Jorge Soler

This would be a really good signing for Philadelphia. If they were able to get Soler, it would be huge for the Phillies lineup. Not only would Soler be a good option for a DH spot, however, the Phillies also desperately need outfielders, and Soler could slide right into that left field spot. Another reason it would be big is the Phillies would be taking away a huge power bat from the Atlanta Braves. If they can swipe away Soler from the Braves, it could make things more interesting in the NL East. Soler, who is coming off a World Series MVP with the Braves, would be an immense upgrade to a Phillies lineup that has few power-hitting bats in the lineup. Soler wouldn’t cost as much as the other top free agents, however, he’d be a really good fit with Philadelphia.

Nick Castellanos

This would be the home run move for the Phillies. Castellanos is known for having a lot of power in his bat while his defense is questionable at times. Just like Soler, Castellanos can play the left-field position, however, his defense isn’t the greatest so the DH spot may be better for him. The thing with Castellanos is he will be expensive. As a premier power bat in the league, he is going to cost a lot of money. However, if the Phillies value Castellanos and his ability to put the ball over the fence, then I think it is a deal that they can get done. Especially in a hitter-friendly park, like Citizens Bank Park, Castellanos could thrive with the Phillies.

Kyle Schwarber

Another big-time move for the Phillies is if they were able to persuade Kyle Scwarber to come to the City of Brotherly Love. Just like the other two players on this list, Schwarber has a great power bat and would be a perfect DH in Philly. The Phillies don’t have a lot of left-handed batters, so having two big-time lefties in your lineups such as Schwarber and Bryce Harper, could be a really dangerous combination. Schwarber has the ability as well to play the outfield if the Phillies need him to, however, his role as a DH would be greatly utilized in Philly. Schwarber would be the type of batter where you could bat him fourth or fifth in the lineup behind Harper and Hoskins. That power in the middle of the lineup would be quite scary for opposing pitching staffs.

Nelson Cruz

The epitome of a long-time DH, Nelson Cruz has been one of the best-designated hitters in the league for quite a while. He has had stints in a lot of different American League organizations, maybe it’s time a team in the National League took a chance on Cruz. With the possible implementation of the DH in the National League, Cruz could be a really good fit for a short-term deal. Cruz is on the back end of his career, but he has still produced even at his older age. Cruz is still a big-time power bat and still has the ability to hit the long ball. So why shouldn’t the Phillies take a chance on Cruz? If they sign Cruz to a smaller short-term deal, they can focus more aspects of their money on other positions of need as well. Taking the chance on an older may not be a bad idea for the Phillies.

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