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For so long, the Phillies bullpen has been one of the worst in baseball and the weakness of the entire organization. It is no secret that the Phillies need to work on their bullpen. The Phillies will continue to be stuck in this mediocrity limbo if they cannot fix the glaring issue that is their bullpen. It has been quite a while since the Phillies bullpen has actually been reliable. The team will not be making any strides forward if they cannot add better talent to the struggling bullpen. This offseason could be crucial for the future success of the Phillies bullpen.

Kenley Jansen

The Phillies need a closer. Plain and simple. They haven’t had a reliable closer since the good years of Jonathon Papelbon. To put that into perspective, Jonathon Papelbon’s last season in Philadelphia was back in 2015. So to fix that, why not go get the best closer on the market. Kenley Jansen has been consistently one of the best closing pitchers in the entire league. His career stats include an ERA of, .237, 1,022 strikeouts, and a total of 350 saves. Ever since he started his career in 2010 with the Dodgers he has been one of the best closers in baseball, and it is time that the Phillies take a chance on him and sign him as their next closer for the next few seasons.

Adam Ottavino

This would be the type of deal if the Phillies wanted someone for one year. Ottavino is on the back end of his career so there isn’t much to expect. However, in the perspective of the Phillies, he is probably better than the majority of the relief pitchers that they already have on staff in Philadelphia. Ottavino used to be a really good relief pitcher, his unique pitching style, gave him one of the best sliders in baseball. Another reason to bring someone like Ottavino is as a mentor veteran role, where he could help mentor the younger pitchers that the Phillies are trying to develop in their bullpen. Signing Ottavino wouldn’t be a long-term solution, however, it could be a move to help them for this upcoming season.

Josh Hader

If the Phillies want to swing for the fences and make a home run move regarding their bullpen, this would be it. Josh Hader is arguably the best closing pitcher in baseball and the rumors are circulating that the Brewers may be willing to move him. Obviously, it could take a lot to actually acquire Hader. I feel as though the only thing that is holding the Phillies back are two things. The first is, what are the Milwaukee Brewers asking price for Josh Hader, considering he is one of, if not the best, closing pitchers in baseball, their asking price may be very steep. And the second reason could be, will they be able to lock up a deal on Hader to keep him in Philadelphia long-term. If the Phillies can be confident on who they are giving up and have the ability to lock up Hader on a long-term deal, why not take the chance to get the best closer in baseball.

Andrew Chafin

Andrew Chafin could be a good fit in Philadelphia. Chafin, who is one of the younger relief pitchers on the market, put up some really good numbers during the 2021 season. Last season at the trade deadline, Chafin was shipped off from the Chicago Cubs to the Oakland Athletics, and now he is a free agent. The southpaw relief pitcher could be a good fit for a team that doesn’t have a real reliable relief pitcher. Last season, Chafin posted a 2-4 record, a 1.83 ERA, and recorded 64 strikeouts in 68.2 innings. Chafin could be a solid relief pitcher that the Phillies could sign to a multi-year deal, and they may be able to sign him for not a lot of money either way.

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