Yankees Will Retire Paul O’Neill’s Jersey This Season

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The New York Yankees will have Paul O’Neill’s jersey retired this season. O’Neill wore number 21 for the Yankees.

His jersey has been retired since 2008 with the last player to wear it being Latroy Hawkins, a pitcher who threw for a 5.71 earned runs average in 33 games while wearing number 21.

O’Neill started out his career for the Cincinnati Reds in 1985. He was picked by the team in the 1981 MLB Draft as a fourth-round pick. From 1982 to 1985, O’Neill played in the minor leagues for the Reds.

Upon his arrival in the Bronx in 1993, he won the fans over by emotionally wearing his jersey treating each and every at-bat a personal war. He also helped them win four World Series wins from the time he got there in 1993 until 2001. O’Neill last played for the Yankees in 2001.

Over the nine-year span he played for the Yankees, he ranked first on the team in runs batted in and doubles, and second in hits, home runs, runs, and extra-base hitting. Extra base hitting is a hit that is not considered a single, which means, doubles, triples, and home runs are only counted as extra-base hitting. The five-time All-Star won the 1994 American League with a .359 batting average.

His final career stats are 281 home runs, 1,269 runs batted in, and 2,105 hits with a .288 batting average in 17 seasons.

He will become the 23rd New York Yankee to have his jersey retired. His jersey will be retired on August 21st against the Toronto Blue Jays.

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