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Breaking News: Panthers’ Signed Lindbohm

BREAKING NEWS: the Florida Panthers signed a one-year contract for Petteri Lindbohm. March 1st, 2022 marks the day they have gained a defenseman from the St. Louis Blues. Let us get to know this powerful defenseman, shall we?

Who is Petteri Lindbohm?

Petteri Lindbohm is 28 years old from Helsinki, Finland. His youth team was HIFK. He is a defenseman that shoots left. He is an impressive guy at the height of 6"3" at 209 pounds. He was the 2012 round 6 #176 overall by St. Louis Blues. His current cap according to Cap Friendly is at $750,000 with this contract. Let us take a look at the stats of Lindbohm.

Stats of Lindbohm

During his time in the NHL and the AHL, his stats were pretty good numbers. The total average of the goals is about 2.86. The total averages of the assists are about 4.43. With those numbers, it is easy to see why the Panthers are very interested in Lindbohm. 

Grit, They Name is Lindbohm

As a defenseman, they always defend the goalie and ward off the opponents" offense. When the defenseman has grit and fends for his teammates, then it is a game. He has been known to throw some scraps to defend his teammates. This gives a little more toughness as well as the grittiness of the team.

Is Lindbohm the Perfect Fit for the Panthers?

With a team like the Panthers, it is not a surprise that they have added him to the already impressive defensive roster. With him being the gritty type like Mason Geertsen from the New Jersey Devils, this makes the Panthers" game more exciting. It is very nice to see that the Panthers have an excellent roster full of talented hockey players. It is always going to be an exciting game when the Panthers play. Adding grit to the game would make it stimulating with an excitable atmosphere.

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