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In the Frank Vogel interview given after an embarrassing Lakers loss to the Clippers, he didn’t say a particular shocking line, he was just honest and deflated.

This interview doesn’t even particularly stand out from some of his other interviews after embarrassing defeats.

However, due to it being after one of the Lakers’ biggest rivals completing a regular-season sweep over them, it raised a lot more eyebrows than usual.

There are some Lakers fans calling for Frank Vogel’s job, and to be honest you have to see where they are coming from.

The Lakers lost to the Los Angeles Clippers by 21 points. When the Clippers acquired Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, one of the most anticipated matchups in the league was the ‘Battle of LA’.

Well, the Lakers have lost the last seven games against the Clippers. A very one-sided battle recently.

In addition to this, the Clippers have been without Leonard this season and George only played 26 games this year.

Of course, in one of those games he played, the Clippers beat the Lakers.

To hear LeBron James admit that “They are a better team,” whilst the Clippers are nowhere near one hundred percent is tough to hear, however, it is the truth.

The question is what will the Lakers do to change that? After listening to their postgame interviews, it seems like the Lakers don’t know either.

Vogel was completely deflated in his postgame, as usual.

It’s hard to believe that a Vogel team is this bad on defense. Yes, they lost key parts of their defense in the offseason, but they by no means should be this bad.

One of the more concerning parts of the interview was Vogel sounding as if he has no idea what the Lakers can do to improve.

On their defense going from one of the best in the league to what it is now, he said:

“I take pride in it, so it’s very difficult.”

Try things I’ve never done as a coach, just to try to jump things up a little bit and try to get some momentum behind our defense.”

He also added: “I’m just disappointed in how that’s gone for our group this year.”

When your head coach’s best trait, is they tend to create strong defenses, and he hasn’t been able to do that in 62 games, it’s very concerning.

He’s trying new things he’s never done before, and it hasn’t been working.

The Lakers are missing key defenders due to poor decisions from the front office to let them leave, or trade them.

Despite this, they should not be this bad at playing defensive. They consistently show a lack of focus and effort on the court, the fact it hasn’t changed throughout the whole season is worrying.

Now, you also need to address the offense. The Clippers missing two of the best scorers in the league, along with newly acquired Norman Powell, and having a better offense than a team with LeBron James and Russell Westbrook can’t happen.

Vogel said: “They are a great shooting team, credit them. They were 8 for 9 open threes, we were 1 for 16.

We got to figure out a way to be better, we’re going to continue to grind and continue to work and seek solutions.”

It seems as if that’s been a common answer from Lakers players, and coaches. They haven’t shown any signs of improvement at all.

The only big change the Lakers may be able to make is within their coaching team. How long do the bad performances need to continue for that to happen?

To be clear, this is not to say that Vogel getting fired makes the team better, it may be in their best interest to finish the season with him.

He’s earned that at least for bringing a championship back to LA. However, this current staff is not improving the defense or the offense.

The Lakers need to bring someone to help.

One mistake that’s been big to the Lakers’ offense is the treatment of Russell Westbrook, on the court.

On his irregular role on the team, Vogel said: “If we’re getting down 20 every night, we’re going to adjust our team.”

He also said that: “We’ve talked about everything,” when asked about bringing Westbrook off the bench.

The constant changing of Westbrook’s role isn’t helping anyone. You’ve got to let him play his game with consistency if you’re going to get the best out of him.

Have we seen Vogel let him do that? He’s acknowledged he isn’t the best fit in the team, but that does not mean the Lakers should be this bad.

The Lakers are bad on both ends of the court. They aren’t showing signs of improvement which is the most worrying thing.

Serious conversations and adjustments need to happen on the coaching staff, because whilst the players bear the most responsibility due to lack of effort, the coaches still have not been good enough.

Frank Vogel’s Postgame Interview

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