Game Preview: Panthers vs. Red Wings

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As the Florida Panthers continue to dominate in the Atlantic, something is brewing up in the division. The Detroit Red Wings are also doing pretty well in their own respective division. As they come to a head, this game is going to be quite an interesting one. We will dive deep into the statistics and overall make-up of each team in order to gain a better insight into this matchup. After, we will also examine the likely line-up and the goaltenders for both the Red Wings and the Panthers. Finally, we will predict the outcome of the final game and how the game will look overall. Let us dive into the article and see the Atlantic Division rivals. Shall we get started?

Double Atlantic Division Teams

Both of these teams’ records for the season are looking wonderful as the hockey season winds down closer to the playoffs as well the Stanley Cup. The Red Wings’ current record for the season is 24-24-6 as of today. The Panthers’ current record for the season is 36-13-5. As the Red Wings try to climb on the way to the division, the Panthers remain at the top of their division. Will either the Red Wings or the Panthers win the game on Saturday? Let us dive in as we look at the averages and the overall look of both of the respective teams.

Red Wings Averages and Overall Look

The Red Wings have been around since 1926 and have won 11 Stanley Cups. Even so, every season is different. This season so far, they have been in good shape. The current average for goals is 5.6. The current average for assists is 9.57. The current saving goal percentage is .904. For the current season, this is a great average. How does this shape up against the Panthers? Pretty well if they play their cards right. Now, we will take a look at the updated averages and overall look for the Panthers.

Panthers Update Averages and Overall Look

After a three-game losing streak and the win against the Ottawa Senators, the Panthers are willing to get back into the game and try to get their first Stanley Cup. They have the potential and the drive to win. The average amount of goals scored per game is 7.06. The average assists are 12.16. The average save percentage is .895. These averages show that the Panthers are bouncing back and ready to play their game. Let us take a look at the possible line-up and goaltenders for the Red Wings as well as the Panthers. 

Possible Line-Up and Goaltenders for the Red Wings

For the upcoming game, the line-ups could change based on a situation for any injury or just to change based on the other team’s roster. For tomorrow night’s game, they will more than likely keep their offensive line and defensive line. They will more than likely keep their specialty teams and penalty kill teams. As for the goaltenders, they will either use Thomas Greiss or Alex Nedeljkovic. They would be each other’s backup. If an event does occur, Calvin Pickard will be the other goalie that would be between the pipes. 

Possible Line-Up and Goaltenders for the Panthers

For the Panthers, they usually like to keep their lines unless they switch it up to have more players playing or an injury comes up on one of the teammates. For tomorrow night’s game, they will more than likely keep the line for offense as well as their defense. They will also more than likely keep their special teams and their penalty kill teams. For the goaltenders, they will more than likely keep Sergei Bobrovsky and Jonas Johansson as back-up and vice versa. 

Final Game Prediction and Conclusion

Based on the averages from the Red Wings and the Panthers, this game will be a very exciting one. Both of the teams will play well against each other. Their offense and defense will be on point and their goaltending will be solid. The Panthers will win the game by a couple of goals. The score will probably be 6-4. It will be an exciting game and they will put their all into the game.

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