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Florida Panthers Probable Picks for Trade Deadline

With the trade deadline coming up on March 21st, it comes as no surprise that there will be trade rumours, speculation, and the players that the teams are interested in them. The NHL Trade Deadline is a tradition that happens every year. It comes as no surprise that the Florida Panthers are on the hunt to extend their roster and raise their chances of making the NHL playoffs and the possibility of the first Stanley Cup win. With that in mind, it is time to dive in and see which players the Panthers are interested in and how they can see if they are the perfect fit for the Panthers after already signing a new player in Lindbohm.

Introduction: Florida Panthers Picks

Jakob Chychrun: Left Defense (Arizona Coyotes)

The first player that is in interest for the Florida Panthers is defenseman Jakob Chychrun. At 6’2" and weighing 209 pounds, this young defenseman has been a strong player for the Arizona Coyotes. Not only that he can defend, but he is also really good as an offensive player. He has a strong slapshot and wrist shot matched with his speed as well as a strong hockey IQ. There is a strong potential that if the Panthers have this defenseman, their defensive line would be much stronger. He would make an excellent fit for the Panthers.


Claude Giroux: Center/Right Wing (Philadelphia Flyers)

This veteran player for the Philadelphia Flyers has a strong interest that the Florida Panthers are interested in Claude Giroux. Since 2007, this 5’11" player has been a strong center and the right-wing player has been a strong player. According to The Fourth Period, there are four other teams that are interested in Giroux. This includes his interest in the probability of him wanting to go to the Colorado Avalanche. He would not be able to get traded until after March 17th as he will play 1,000 games in his 15-year career. He would make a strong fit to play in the first line of offence for the Panthers

Ben Chiarot: Left Defense (Montreal Canadiens)

Ben Chiarot is the other player that is of interest to the Panthers. Since 2013, Chiarot has been a very physical defenseman at the height of 6’3" weighing 234 pounds. This makes the game more exciting and thrilling to watch. With his time as a Winnipeg Jets and the Montreal Canadiens, this is quite remarkable. What makes him unique is his ability to ward off other players and being able to shoot well. Since the Panthers already have a physical player, having Chiarot on the team would make the team even stronger and make them a tougher team.

John Klingberg: Right Defense (Dallas Stars)

John Klingberg has piqued the interest of the Panthers for this trade deadline. This 6’1" weighing at 176 pounds has been a solid defenseman for the Dallas Stars. What makes Klingberg unique is his ability to move quickly from his defensive position to offensive position when it is needed. His shooting on his offensive mode is also very nice to look at. What he has to offer if he were to be on the Panthers team is the swiftness and his ability to shoot the puck quite well.

Calvin de Haan: Left Defense/Right Defense (Chicago Blackhawks)

The next player on the Panthers’ radar is none other than Calvin de Haan playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. At a sturdy height of 6’1" weighing 194 pounds, he is another physical player that is also a very talented player. He is able to move well and to keep the pucks away from the goalie. With more physicality to add to the Panthers roster, de Haan will bring a wonderful force to be reckoned with as well a talented defenseman. He would be another excellent fit for the Panthers’ roster.

Mark Giordano: Left Defense (Seattle Kraken)

Another veteran on the list is a long-time captain for both Calgary Flames and the Seattle Kraken, Mark Giordano. Giordano stands tall at 6’1" and weighing 201 pounds as another talented defenseman that the Panthers are interested in. With his skills as a defenseman and his leadership skills with his time from his respective teams, this would bring more depth and skills to the Panthers’ roster. He would be an excellent fit with a calmer demeanour as a defenseman.

Hampus Lindholm: Left Defense (Anaheim Ducks)

The final person that the Florida Panthers are interested in is Hampus Lindholm from the Anaheim Ducks. Standing at 6’2" weighing 207 pounds, Lindholm is definitely a sight to behold. As a defenseman, he has the speed and the agility to keep up. His shots are very well done for the offensive and also has great numbers to prove his worth as a talented player. Lindholm would be an excellent fit for the Panthers and he would bring some experience with him from his time in the NHL.


As the trade deadline approaches, the NHL teams will be able to figure out what is best for their respective teams. For the Florida Panthers, they are looking for depth as well as talent and veteran players on their roster. If they are able to get the players that desire to get, then they will have the probability of being in the playoffs and probably win their first Stanley Cup. This is an article that dived into the players that they are interested in and how they would add to their already talented roster.

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