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Meta Hooligans NFT Recruiting The Biggest Names In Combat Sports

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The latest NFT craze has taken the world by storm with its cult-like following, it has the total market capitalization of NFTs at approximately $31.4 billion!.

The next most promising project is Meta Hooligans, predicted to be one of the fastest-selling NFT collections of 2022 as they are signing up the biggest combat sports celebrities in the world to launch their mission of helping underprivileged children.

The Meta Hooligans are being called the “Bored Apes Killers”

The Bored Apes are currently sitting at the top of the NFT space with over a billion in secondary sales, but the Hooligans are directly aiming to dethrone them. Targeting them with clever and provocative stunts, notably with Cung Le shooting some Bored Apes with his AR15.

What is Meta Hooligans?

Meta Hooligans is a project that goes beyond digital collectibles. Their mission is to sponsor kids and support local fight clubs in underprivileged and impoverished cities worldwide. Sponsoring gear & training equipment ex: punching bags, mats, gloves etc. They are also setting up an annual scholarship (2 X 5,000$) for promising young athletes.

Meta Hooligans NFT

The body of the Hooligans raised some questions from our friends at AsianMma, but the Meta Hooligans team explained to us that the signature hooligan body is one of a little chubby troublemaker with a kind heart!

The body is the same for every 8,888 characters, to which they add the notorious traits of fighters!

Who Is Involved With Meta Hooligans?

As previously stated, with 888 fighters being lined up, it would be a challenge in itself to display them here; below are some of the top names already aligned to Meta Hooligans.

  • Bas Rutten (UFC Hall Of Famer)
  • Cung Le (UFC and Strike force Legend)
  • John Wayne Parr (Muay Thai World Champion)
  • James Wilks (The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Winner)
  • Stipe Miocic (Former UFC Heavyweight Champion)
  • Dustin Poirier (Former Interim UFC Lightweight Champion)
  • Austin Aries (Pro Wrestling star)
  • Master Wong (YouTube Sensation 2,7million followers)
  • Holt McCallany (Hollywood Actor & Cast of Fight Club movie)
  • Artem Lobov (UFC veteran & bareknuckle fighter)
  • Robin Black (Popular Fight commentator)
  • Ray Sefo (K-1 Legend)
  • Dewey Cooper (UFC fighters and Francis Ngannou’s coach & K-1 star)
  • Pat Downey (USA Wrestling World Team member)
  • Samuel Ericcson (Karate Combat fighter & Internet sensation)

The list is endless with fighters and commentators all signing up for this fantastic cause.

Quotes From The Fighters

James Wilks – “I just got my first customised NFT from Meta Hooligans. I also bought a bunch as well because their donating atleast 10% of the proceeds to underprivileged kids around the world for combat sports training and equipment. I hope you get involved too. “

Bas Rutten – “Having a NFT with Meta Hooligans is very cool do you know why? Because its also for a good cause, their helping kids all around the world. Letting them train in good environments, giving them scholarships, gear, other equipment you name it so I’m very happy and proud to be part of fight club, go get that NFT God speed everybody.”

Cung Le – “The great thing about this their also setting up scholarships, gear and all kind of giveaways to all the kids that don’t have the equipment, that don’t have a place to train, so scholarships and everything is being put together for them, this is a great cause. “

Make sure to get behind this inspirational team on their journey and be part of this special moment.

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