3 Potential St. Louis Blues Trade Deadline Target Players

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The 2022 NHL Trade Deadline is coming up in just under two weeks on March 21, and the St. Louis Blues have been linked to several players in different rumours, so in this article, I take a look at three players who could potentially be calling St. Louis home after the 21st. 

1 Ben Chiarot – Montreal Canadiens

Position: Defenseman

Age: 30

Current Contract: Final year of contract at $3.5m 

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Ben Chiarot‘s name has been mentioned in more Blues trade rumours as of late than any player in the NHL and while most fans say that the St Louis Blues shouldn’t go after him, personally, I think it could be good for the St Louis Blues, but only under the right circumstances, and no, those circumstances don’t involve trading Colton Parayko, which has brought up more times than I care to think about on social media in the past week. I even left a St Louis Blues Facebook group I was a part of several months ago because everyone was bashing Colton knowing well that he was dealing with a back injury at the time. 

 Pretty much everyone has been saying that Colton is “useless” or “too soft.” Point number one, most defensemen, unless their name is Brent Burns, who was originally drafted as a forward, aren’t big offence providers, and point number two, Colton doesn’t have it in him to play “mean” or angry, like a Chris Pronger. Colton is one of the nicest and most polite players in the entire NHL.

Right now, the asking price for Chiarot seems to be a first-round draft pick, but the problem facing the Blues is that they currently have only $113,000 of available salary-cap space, which literally, isn’t enough for even an American Hockey League player at this point, so any trade involving the Blues would require movement of current roster players, which in my opinion, is a huge turnoff to the idea of a Ben Chiarot trade. 

2. Jakob Chychrun – Arizona Coyotes 

Position: Defenseman

Age: 23

Current Contract: Three years remaining at $4.6m 

Jakob Chychrun is another name that has shown up in multiple rumours involving the St Louis Blues, including one on Monday by TSN’s Darren Dreger.

But again, with the St Louis Blues’ lack of cap space, any trade for Chychrun would involve the shuffling of several roster players and draft picks such as is mentioned in this article from Fansided’s St. Louis Blues site Bleedin’ Blue. 

3. Claude Giroux – Philadelphia Flyers

Position: Center

Age: 34

Current Contract: Final year at $8,275,000 

Although it has been mentioned that Claude Giroux would be willing to waive his no-movement clause in order to facilitate a trade to the St Louis Blues, his current contract presents a serious problem.

 His cap hit is nearly more than Chiarot and Chychrun combined. $113,000 of remaining cap space is a huge difference from the current cap hit of Giroux at $8.275,000. 

There is really no logical way that Blues General Manager Doug Armstrong could figure out how to fit Giroux under the salary cap without destroying half of the current team. 

There have also been other names mentioned such as Hampus Lindholm (ANA), Mark Giordano (SEA), Zdeno Chara, who for me is a definite no, Thomas Chabot (OTT), and even hometown boy Matthew Tkachuk (CGY) and there are likely to be more names that find their way into rumours involving the Blues in the next two weeks. 

While most fans and journalists see the NHL Trade Deadline as a fun and exciting point of the season, I don’t, for me, it’s a day to be nervous. I always worried about the Blues trading T.J. Oshie every year, and eventually, it happened, even though it wasn’t on trade deadline day and now my main concern is Colton Parayko come trade deadline day every year since 2016. 

However, the endgame is, the St Louis Blues don’t have enough salary-cap space to do anything without destroying the current roster. 

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  • gspaulds says:

    Don’t think the roster is destroyed by acquiring any of these players.
    Will it be hard to make it work with the cap, yes, but moving a guy like Tarasenko or
    Scandella to get a top four defenseman is not going to do anything other than make this team better.

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