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Kevin Garnett had a retirement ceremony after the Boston Celtics’ game Sunday against the Dallas Mavericks.

Garnett was the captain in their 2008 Championship run.

The Celtics were 17-19 in 2021, tied for ninth in the Eastern Conference. Now, they are 24-8 in 2022 prior to this game. They currently own a 41-27 record and are fifth in the Eastern Conference.

Jayson Tatum has had 199 points over the last 5 games, which only trails Larry Bird for the most points in a five-game stretch in franchise history.

The Celtics currently have the second-best three-point defensive percentage in all of the NBA. The Dallas Mavericks finished 2 for eleven three-point shooting in the first quarter and ended up finishing 15 for 37 on three-pointers.

Jayson Tatum finished with 21 points. He had two threes in the first quarter. He had one three in the second quarter. He had 17 points, seven rebounds, and one assist in the first half. He finished with a total of three three-pointers made in the game,

Jaylen Brown finished with 14 points on six for 16 shooting. He had a really nice dunk toward the end of the second quarter.  

Al Horford had a great game finishing with 17 points on six for ten shooting with five steals. He had eight points in the first half alone.

The Celtics had five turnovers in the first quarter and finished with 11 turnovers.

The team had a slow start to the second quarter starting off 1-8 in field goals. Their field goal shooting ended up being 33-88 on 37.5 percent shooting.

The halftime score was 47-38 after Spencer Dinwiddie hit a 32-foot three-point shot at the end of the second quarter.

The final score ended up being 95-92 Mavericks win.

The Celtics are now 24-12 at their home court and have 41 wins and 28 losses.

Even though the Celtics lost, the team still retired Garnett’s jersey.

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