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Has The Korean Zombie Found a Secret Weapon In Henry Cejudo?

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Chan Sung Jung, affectionately known as “The Korean Zombie”, has seen a clear shot at the UFC featherweight belt before back at UFC 163 when he faced the seemingly insurmountable task of dethroning the legendary Jose Aldo during his prime. At the time, The Korean Zombie had been a legend in his own right: known for his wars in the WEC before even stepping foot in the UFC octagon.

When TKZ was finished in the 4th round by Aldo, there was speculation that he would be in line for another title shot one day. HJowever, very few expected nearly ten years to pass before his next opportunity. On April 9th at UFC 273, where Chan Sung Jung will face off against Alexander Volkanovski for another shot at UFC gold.

While many are doubting his odds against the current champ. the Korean Zombie has made some recent changes that he feels will earn him that elusive title win: the biggest being his move to Fight Ready in Arizona compared to his previous fight camps in South Korea.

A Former Champ in TKZ’s corner

One additional change has made headlines over the past few months: the inclusion of a new mentor in former two-division UFC champ Henry Cejudo, who has been credited as a major difference-maker heading into April 9th’s title fight.

When asked during an interview during the MMA Hour, Jung claimed that Cejudo has surpassed all expectations during camp:

“Henry really surprised him a lot, because we’ve seen him a lot in camp and stuff like that, but Zombie got the title shot and he’s been helping out so much,” Jung’s translator and head coach, Eddie Cha, said on Jung’s behalf on The MMA Hour.

“He’s been at every practice, every team meeting that we have for Zombie. He’s actually doing sparring rounds, playing around with him, so he’s super grateful. He didn’t realize he was so intelligent, fight-IQ-wise and everything else. Like when you see him on TV, he’s cringey and all that, but off-camera he’s telling [Jung] what to do, he’s wrestling, coaching him as he play spars and stuff like that. So he’s a huge part of this camp.”

During a recent discussion on the Triple C and Schmo Show, Cejudo billed up his newfound protégé, claiming he’s found a rather impressive mean streak leading into his title fight and claimed his training partner isn’t the nice guy everyone else envisions: ‘“He’s not that nice, man. I’m giving him that Volkanovski look right now. He bought into the cringe, he sees the genius behind the cringe, and we’ve set a gameplan with them.”

Furthermore, Cejudo has taken to Twitter to not only proclaim his effectiveness as a coach, but his belief that Jung can indeed bring home the belt: “If you’re not gonna give me Alexander Volkanovski’s head on a platter, then I’m gonna find someone else to do it for me @KoreanZombieMMA”.

The current 145-pound champ Volkanovski had been originally slated to face off against Max Holloway for the title at UFC 273, who had to pull out of the fight due to injury. While many featherweights campaigned for their own shot, including Cejudo, it was Jung who ultimately got the call. In the early days of this fight announcement, several fighters in the featherweight division expressed their displeasure at the matchup, claiming the Korean Zombie hadn’t recently shown enough to justify his title shot. However, with a new mindset, as well as a potential new secret weapon in Henry Cejudo, Jung is feeling confident heading into his second title fight.

Jung would likely improve greatly in his wrestling with Cejudo in his corner, as Cejudo is a former Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling. This is important in a fight against Volkanovski, who is known to have a relentless ground game to complement his striking prowess that gives anyone at featherweight fits. If TKZ can pick up this edge, he has a much better chance of pulling off an upset in Jacksonville.

How do you like The Korean Zombie’s odds against Alexander Volkanovski with Henry Cejudo as his training partner/ mentor? Let us know in the comments below!

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