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Meta Hooligans NFT Add Lethwei Legends To List Of Superstars

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We recently brought to you the exciting new NFT craze Meta Hooligans NFT, who, with the help of their growing list of combat sports superstars, was aiming to take over the NFT space while helping underprivileged children through combat sports.

With an already impressive list of superstars on board, many were left asking who else would possibly join the cause. Meta Hooligans has answered the question emphatically with five new additions to the team.

Lethwei And Bare Knuckle Legends

The two latest names announced from the world of Lethwei that are joining the Meta Hooligans Fight Club are two former opponents of Leduc: Myanmar Lethwei Legend Tun Tun Min and Lethwei Pioneer, American Cyrus Washington.

They are joined by former UFC, Bellator, and Pride veteran and current BKFC World Champion Hector Lombard. Lombard says that he is a fan of lethwei, the traditional Burmese martial art that permits head butts.

In an interview with Andrew Whitelaw of BJPENN.COM, Lombard stated, “I like that sh*t (lethwei.) They should have all of it. My dream is at one point before I retire is fighting with machetes. I swear. I fought in Cuba with machetes so many times. Because in Cuba you fight with machetes. I was good though. I want to fight at least once with machetes,”.

UFC Additions

If the previous names weren’t enough, Bored Apes Killers (Meta Hooligans) had NFT claims by two of the biggest names in UFC, former 6-time Heavyweight World Champion Stipe Miocic and former Interim UFC Lightweight Champion Dustin Poirier.

And the latest addition of UFC stars Max Griffin and James Krause.

Thursday, 17th March 2022, at 8 pm (est), will see the eagerly anticipated whitelist launch for the Meta Hooligans NFT. Click the following link to be part of this fantastic opportunity. Mint your Meta Hooligan here

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