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Dana White Gives His Take on Jake Paul’s Proposal

Dana White has consistently ignored the social media star’s proposal but his latest comments on a potential Conor McGregor-Jake Paul fight would not be completely shrugged off.

Despite persistent declines from Dana White, Paul’s requests to fight opponents out of the boxing ring never stops. The pro boxer has always fancied challenging tests as he has multiple UFC superstars and lambasted the UFC chief over his staff treatments.

The YouTube star’s campaign received the support of several individuals in the promotion. It includes UFC fighters earning a minimum of $50,000 a fight and receiving 50 percent of the promotion"s gains and guaranteed long-term healthcare after retiring from fighting.

Dana White Chimes In

Dana White has consistently exchanged words with the star on social media. The latest altercation between the two professionals is due to the boxer"s interest in taking on Conor McGregor. In an interview with Logan Paul, White lashed back and indicated that he would not entirely dismiss the idea of Paul going against Conor McGregor.

"Well, he shouldn’t even be fighting Conor McGregor, these guys (the Pauls) are f*cking huge. He’s (Logan) huge, his brother (Jake) is huge. What’s your brother, 6’1", 210? Conor McGregor is 145, 155 pounds… there’s weight classes for a reason. It’s a stretch for Conor to fight at 170. He fought Nate (Diaz) at 170. That isn’t his f*cking weight class, not even close," Dana White said during the UFC London media availability.

"I’m never completely closed off to anything," White said. "I used to say that about things, but I don’t say that anymore because you never know. You never know what could happen. It was never off-putting to me. In this business, it’s about attention. How much attention can you get? But more importantly, who gives a sh*t? Who cares that you’re gonna fight this guy on Saturday night? You’ve got to make people care. You’ve got to make people stay home [and watch]."

“They have a lot of different choices on Saturday, what to do with their time, you’ve got to make them stay home and pay for it and everybody has a different style of doing that. I’m not against it. The thing is with me, if I really don’t like you and whatever, I won’t respond to you. I would’ve never responded to it," he continued.

Dana White"s answer to Jake Paul‘s proposition remains unclear, but it would be interesting to see to what extent he can survive out of the ring with the class of strikes he possesses. A matchup with a great in McGregor is completely different, though, but the weight and size difference would tilt the scales in favor of Jake Paul.

In an MMA fight, however, Conor could utilize his backward movement and kicking game, something that Paul has never seen the likes of. They could easily meet at 170 pounds, as McGregor fought Nate Diaz at welterweight both times, even though the cut would be tough on Paul.

How would a Conor McGregor-Jake Paul matchup play out in your eyes? Let us know in the comments!

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