New Jersey Devils Looking To Add By 2021-22 Trade Deadline

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Let The Trade Evaluations Begin

As the NHL Trade Deadline hits March 21st and ends at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time, there will still be trades that get finalized after that time by the NHL offices. New Jersey Devils General Manager, Tom Fitzgerald should be on the cell phone feverishly and working with his upper brass of pro and amateur scouts.

Why do these scouts matter? Well a GM and Assistant GM need to look to their scouts and go over certain players they believe can fit near and longer-term. The same can be said for parting away with possible players trying to make with for new skilled depth or future slots for upcoming players in the offseason.

Tom Fitzgerald has been very solid trusting his amateur scouts in the room and looking to make sure he keeps special the top players in the Devils pipeline to graduate. If the Devils have to part ways with someone like Damon Severson other players could jump in from the AHL club or get an NHL-ready player via that trade.

Damon Severson 

The former Kelowna Rocket and long-time New Jersey Devils offensive defenseman. He’s a native of Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada. He is a former 2nd round 30th overall pick in the 2012 NHL Draft. Severson is a 0.40 career point per game type of player who can be on a team like the Vancouver Canucks and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

 A source told me whatever the price ends up being for Hampus Lindholm pretty much sets the market value for defensemen coming by the NHL Trade Deadline. To give perspective over the past 3-Years. Severson had an overall 64 with his offence in the 38th percentile that is mediocre during that time. His 3-year defensive average reached the 92nd percentile which is excellent.

Damon Severson’s xGAR of around 5 exceeded his Goals Above Replacement around -4. During that time he was in his last year under John Hynes under an older system and started to underperform under Lindy Ruff in his first season in NJ that was abbreviated by Covid19.

1-Year in 2021-22 however is the perfect time to sell high on Damon Severson. Damon overall is in the 75 percentile which is like his stock price evaluation. His GAR is around -3.5 while slightly improving. Severson’s xGAR hits around 3.2 in the positive but the team that takes in Severson will need to find a way for him to work accordingly to their style of offence. 

Damon Severson’s defence is in the 96th percentile and has proven to be very reliable on Even Defense, PP Offense, and Short-Handed Defense. His GAR on EV Defense is around 6 while xGAR on Defense is about 3.2.

Is this the perfect time to move Damon Severson? Yes if the New Jersey Devils can fetch an NHL-ready right-handed defenseman that has more upside on defence but can provide a bit more stability on EV Offense GAR than Damon Severson.

Tom Fitzgerald theoretically could call up Reilly Walsh but is more inclined to let him marinate longer in the AHL with the Utica Comets headed into the playoffs. Moving Damon Severson has him under contract until 2022-23 with $4.166,666 per season.

Vancouver Canucks Trade To NJ?

The Vancouver Canucks are right up against the cap space General Manager, Patrik Allvin is looking to add more cap space. The New Jersey Devils can look into a few players again that meet the criteria but more in-depth. 

Conor Garland

Conor Garland is the safest of the assets I would look to acquire because he’s already under a 5-year deal from the Vancouver Canucks. He has proven to be very consistent offensively. However, Garland hasn’t been as potent analytically as Boeser in the PP Offensive categorically.

Garland has an Even Offensive GAR of 11 vs xGAR 5.7 and has improved over time but his power-play offensive results analytically aren’t there unlike Boeser’s

If Garland does come to New Jersey and Tom Fitzgerald decides to keep Mark Recchi overseeing the Power Play and offence. Will Mark Recchi be able to iron out Conor Garland’s Power Play? That comes down to the NHL trade deadline. 

Brock Boeser

The restricted free agent Brock Boeser has arbitration rights and will be looking for a big payday. Not that candy bar, but the money payout during the offseason under CBA rules. Boeser is making north of 5M dollars a season and is looking to yield an even bigger contract. The New Jersey Devils are looking for players in their mid 20’s and under 30 years old realistically.

Brock has historically shown signs of that lethal sniper shot on Power Play Goals and has been an even-strength scoring stud on the wing. The New Jersey Devils need to be less dependent on Jack Hughes, Jesper Bratt, and Yegor Sharangovich to help produce offence

Adding Brock Boeser in a sign and trade and hopefully get him to sign a similar deal to the J.G. Pageau trade. Brock would bring that prime-time sniper the Devils haven’t had since Kyle Palmieri. Having Boeser going en route to New Jersey will help guys like an Alexander Holtz over the summer and pre-season show him what it takes to be a true NHL finisher.

Adding a veteran forward like Brock Boeser into the locker room will help him become more of an on-and-off ice mentor. Boeser is one of the NHL’s current top power-play scorers along with teammate Bo Horvat.

Summer Additions

Tom Fitzgerald had made a big statement last summer getting guys like Dougie Hamilton and Ryan Graves this past offseason. Is it possible Fitzgerald goes big game hunting again? YES!! He is very determined to build around the current core group of Hughes, Hischier, Sharangovich, Bratt, and recently added vets like Tatar, Hamilton, and Ryan Graves. The project of adding will only continue during the trade market going into the 2022-23 offseason. 

A player like Johnny Gaudreau who is a native to New Jersey will decide whether he wants to play for the Philadelphia Flyers, sign with the hometown New Jersey Devils, or stay in Calgary. The only way Calgary keeps him is if they make it deeper in the playoffs and find a way to re-sign him within the salary cap.

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