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Lito Adiwang Urges Jeremy Miado: “Let’s show The World What We’ve Got”

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ONE Championship’s 10th-year anniversary event will happen on the 26th of March inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium where big-time matchups will be witnessed to commemorate the decade-long tenure of the promotion.

Included in the card is a high-profile and explosive strawweight showdown between Filipino compatriots, Lito Adiwang and Jeremy Miado, who are both looking for an impressive victory to boost their stock in the division.

Ahead of their clash, Adiwang has urged Miado to set aside their friendship and throw everything that they got to put on a show for the fans.

Lito Adiwang Speaks to Jeremy Miado

“We need to be professional here and show that we’re in the big league. We are friends outside the Circle, but let’s respect the game and show how professional we are. No one should hold back during the fight,” Adiwang said to ONE Championship.

The ”Thunder Kid” was also quick to assess the ”Jaguar” about his fighting style and pointed out his possible edge in the upcoming bout, but he was also fast to identify some holes in his arsenal which he looks to exploit.

”His excellent boxing base is his strength, and he uses his height to his advantage by maximizing his reach. However, I believe his ground game and his striking power needs work. It benefited him that he went against wrestlers because the delivery of his strikes looked good,” the Team Lakay representative pronounced.

”But once he faces another striker, his punches might not look good anymore. I respect you. Good luck to us, and I believe we’re in this card because it’s one of the biggest cards in history. Let’s show the world what we’ve got,” Adiwang added.

The 28-year old Wushu Champion also voiced out his desire to have a rerun with his previous tormentor, Jarred Brooks, if he scores an emphatic victory over fellow countrymen.

”I want to face Jarred Brooks again because I’m not content with my performance against him. I believe deep inside that he knows that we’ve tested each other inside the Circle.”

This desire to avenge his loss to the American is a result of the unworthy criticisms that he received in the aftermath of their NextGen 3 main event fight last October 2021.

”A lot of people looked down on me after my latest fight. I also want to prove to the fans that everyone can improve once we put in the work. That’s what I will put on the line if the rematch happens. [If] I lose, I’ll accept my limitations. However, I’ll make sure that I win this time around.”

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