Orbit’s Effect in Houston.

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Everyone loves mascots, well some of them. The Astros mascot, Orbit, is one of the more well-known and popular mascots in Major League Baseball whose roots are derived from the history of the city of Houston. From pranking opposing players and fans to making lifetime memories for young fans, Orbit has had a lasting impact on Houston, and we’re here to discuss it.

Orbit was the original mascot for the Astros from 1990-1999 until being replaced from 2000-2012 by Junction Jack who was nothing more than a large rabbit. Orbit would return during a 2012 ceremony in which the Astros revealed their new logo, uniforms, and mascot in their move to the American League, and he’s been loved ever since.

Orbit was designed to pay homage to Houston’s roots as the Space City with Houston being the home to NASA, which explains the team name and Orbit’s name. Orbit makes roughly 300 appearances throughout the community each year. Here’s a more in detail look at Orbit, according to the Astros website:

Species: Homerunus Spectacularus

Birthplace: Foul Territory of the Grand Slam galaxy.

Favorite Dance Move: The Moonwalk

Orbit has his own book and is a big part of the Astros buddies program for the younger fans.

Final Thoughts

Orbit represents the Space City side of Houston and has become a fan favorite. Orbit makes baseball games much more enjoyable with his shenanigans and pranks, and he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

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