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This month, we will be highlighting a very talented player who has impacted the majors since his debut. The player that we will be looking at is none other than Joey Wendle. In this article, we will look at his time as a former high school as well as a college baseball player. How he was drafted as well his time in the majors. From the Oakland Athletics to the Miami Marlins. We will also be looking at his stats from his time in the majors as well his projected and spring training so far. Will he be the perfect fit for the Marlins? Will he exceed expectations and surpass his own stats? Let us take a look, shall we?

A Little Bit about Joey Wendle

Joey Wendle was born in Wilmington, Delaware. He is currently 31 years old. He is standing tall at 6’1” and weighs 195 pounds. His nicknames are Mendle and Big Bopper. His current positions are second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop. Before his major league debut, he played both high school and collegiate ball. His high school team was Avon Grove High School in West Grove, Pennsylvania. His collegiate team was the West Chester University of Pennsylvania in West Chester.

His Time in Minors

Wendle was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the sixth round of the 2012 MLB June Amateur Draft from his time at West Chester. In his time in the minor league, he has shown the skills that are needed as a major league player. His minor league stats are impressive. His average on runs during his time in the minors is 47.75. His average on hits is 89.375. His RBI average is 42.375. His home run average is 7.375.

Oakland Athletics

Wendle debuted with the Oakland Athletics on August 31, 2016, at the age of 26 against the Houston Astros. Even with a loss from the Astros, Wendle has something to prove in his first in the majors. He has surpassed his expectation as a rookie player. His first two years in the majors were something to behold based on the average. These averages are very impressive. His average for runs is 7. His average for hits is 14.5. His average for RBI is 8. His home run average is one for both seasons. From looking at his averages, it is easy to see that he is made for the majors. This is only the beginning for Wendle as he continues to grow as a baseball player.

Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins

In 2018, Wendle debuted with the Tampa Bay Rays. He spent four years with the Rays and he has improved his overall game and exceeded expectations. His average for runs is 47.75. His average for hits is 92.75. His average for RBI is 37.75. His average for homerun is 6.25. His performance with the Rays proves his stability as a major league player. This year, he is an official Miami Marlins player. So far, he has been a valuable asset to the Marlins roster. Based on the spring training, his hits, runs, RBI, and home runs, it is great to see a talented player fitting right in with the Marlins.

From his time in the minor leagues through the present, Wendle has shown consistent improvement. He will exceed his expectation as a Marlin, he will surpass his own stats, and he is the perfect addition for the Marlins.

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