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A Look Back at Miami Marlins Managers: Part 1

The Miami Marlins have been a part of MLB since 1993. Throughout the 29 years of the Marlins, there have been many managers that have made up the team. We will be looking at the managers and how they have impacted the organization. This is a two-part series about the managers of the Marlins and how they have made an impact in MLB.

Rene Lachemann

The first manager for the Marlins is Rene Lachemann. He was a former MLB player for the Kansas City Athletics as well as a minor league player for the Iowa Oaks. He was a manager for other MLB teams including the Seattle Mariners, Milwaukee Brewers, and the Chicago Cubs. He has been a valuable asset to the team for three and half years. During his time as a Marlins manager, his win percentage is .437. Even with his short time, he started a dynasty for the Marlins.

John Boles

John Boles is the next manager for the Marlins. He used to play baseball until he was injured. He has never played ever since. He has coached college baseball, minor league, and has been the manager of MLB teams. He has been the manager for the Marlins in 1996 and back again in 1999-2001. At this time, his winning percentage is .460. In that short span, the Marlins have continued to strive for their full potential.

Tony Pérez

The next manager after Leyland is Tony Pérez. He is a Hall of Famer who played for 23 years in MLB. He was the Marlins manager for the remainder of the 2001 season after Boles. During his time, he has proven to be an efficient manager for the Marlins. The winning percentage during Pérez’s time is .474. Even if it is a short stent, Pérez proves himself as a great manager for the Marlins.

Jeff Torborg

The next manager coming up is Jeff Torborg. He has played college ball for Montclair State University and Rutgers University. He played in MLB for a decade with the Los Angeles Dodgers and California Angels. He has been the manager for the Marlins for the 2002-2003 season. The winning percentage while Torborg as the manager is .475%. With experience and wisdom, the Marlins continue to strive as they continue on.

Jack McKeon

The next manager for the Marlins is Jack McKeon. He was a catcher in the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1949. He was also in the military later on and he also played baseball during his time in the military. Later on, he became a manager in MLB. He has been a manager for the Marlins for three years from 2003-2005 and in 2011. His winning percentage during his time as manager was .522. With his experience in MLB, he partakes wisdom for the Marlins team and the confidence they need to succeed.

Joe Girardi

The next manager after McKeon is Joe Girardi. He went to college at Northwestern University. He played 15 seasons as an MLB catcher as well as being a manager. He has spent the 2006 season as the Marlins manager. During his time as manager for the Marlins, his winning percentage is .481. Even if he didn’t stay there for long, he has shown himself as a great manager for the New York Yankees.

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