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Free Agents the Guardians Can Still Sign

Almost all of the big-name MLB free agents have signed with their respected ball clubs. Here are some underrated players still available for Cleveland to grab.

Michael Conforto

The Guardians need outfield help and the twenty-nine-year-old veteran could be an answer. Many of the top outfield free agents are gone, and Cleveland has seemed to ignore every one of them. Conforto struggled in his 2021 campaign, posting a WAR of 0.8 and hitting at a lackluster .232 clip. For the Guardians, that may be a blessing in disguise.

Conforto has been a very solid big league player in seasons prior and hadn"t shown any signs of slowing down until this past year. He posted an OPS of .927 in 2020, a very impressive mark. Perhaps a down year could lead to a nice bounce back. This down year also leads him to a potentially cheap contract, something that Cleveland could benefit from. He serves as a low-risk high reward player.

Asdrubal Cabrera

Another sneaky pickup that could serve as a good depth piece would be Asdrubal Carbrera. It"s no surprise that Cabrera is in his mid-thirties, as it seems like he"s been around forever, but he is still a serviceable player. In 90 games with Arizona in 2021, Cabrera slugged around .400 and played many different positions.

There isn"t a ton of value one can get by adding Cabrera, but he"s still an open option. The Guardians need more depth in the infield, and Cabrera can play third, short and second. He is a veteran that knows how to help big league ball clubs, and he is already familiar with Cleveland too, having played eight seasons of his career there. Signing Asdrubal Cabrera would be relatively easy, as he would most definitely take a cheap option.

Overall, it"s been a bit disappointing considering how lackluster this offseason has been for Cleveland. They still possess some superstars and a strong pitching staff to help them win ball games, but signing these players could help them out even more.

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